US was not involved in rebellion in Russia, White House says

The White House said the US was not involved in the rebellion in Russia after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the country's special services are investigating whether Western intelligence services were engaged in the events that unfolded this weekend.

“The United States was not involved and will not get involved in this situation. This was an internal Russian matter,” National Security Council spokesperson Adam Hodge said.

Earlier Monday, Lavrov told Russia Today that while his department was not involved in evidence gathering of illegal activities, Russian services were looking at possible foreign intervention. 

He was asked: “Do you have proof that neither Ukraine nor the West was involved in the mutiny?”

Lavrov answered: “I’m working in a department that is not engaged in gathering evidence of committed illegal actions. But we have such services and I assure you, they are already looking into that.”

He also said the US ambassador to Russia signaled the US had “nothing to do” with events this weekend

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