Jennifer Coolidge says she never had kids because she is 'very immature': 'I would've had to have grown up'

'The White Lotus' star admitted that she is still 'sort of a child'

Jennifer Coolidge candidly revealed the reason why she never had children. 

The 61-year-old actress reflected on her choice not to become a mother in a cover interview with British GQ. Coolidge told that outlet that her friends suggested that she adopt children, but she thinks she would be more suited to becoming a stepmother.

"I’m very, very immature," the "Legally Blonde" star said. "I think that has kept me from having children, because I’m sort of a child. Maybe if I had kids, I would’ve had to have grown up.

jennifer coolidge on the red carpet

Jennifer Coolidge opened up about why she never had children. (Cindy Ord/FilmMagic)

Coolidge told the outlet she believes that her pattern of dating intense men was also a factor.


"I’ve never had, like, a laid-back boyfriend that was just full of joy, you know?" Coolidge said. "Like, someone who laughs at all your shortcomings. That’s never who I choose for myself."

Coolidge is in the midst of a career renaissance following the success of her HBO series "The White Lotus." The actress, who played heiress Tanya two seasons of the hit show, earned an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award and two Tony Awards for her performance.

The "2 Broke Girls" alum, who owns a home in New Orleans, said she is spending more time in Los Angeles amid her career resurgence. However, she told GQ she is not really enjoying her life in the City of Angels.

Jennifer Coolidge at the 29th Annual SAG Awards

"The White Lotus" star admitted that she is "very, very immature" and said that if she had kids, "I would've had to grow up." (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

"I’m bored here,"  Coolidge admitted. 

"I think I’d appreciate it more if I had kids or something," she added.


Coolidge also revealed that she lived with Eddie Kaye Thomas, who co-starred with her in the "American Pie" movies, for a year or two in the early 2000s. 

The "Best in Show" actress played the seductive mother of high school jock Steve Stifler (Seann William Scott), who takes the virginity of her son's friend Paul Finch (Thomas) on a pool table in the first film. 

Coolidge with her "American Pie" co-star Eddie Kaye Thomas

Coolidge also revealed that she lived platonically with her "American Pie" co-star Eddie Kaye Thomas for a year or two in the early 2000s. (Photo By Getty Images)

However, Coolidge told GQ that her relationship with Thomas was platonic while they were roommates.

"I wasn’t the love of his life," she said with a laugh. "He had girlfriends. My bedroom was across the hallway from his."

With regard to her future projects, Coolidge said that she is most excited about the opportunity to meet new people.

Coolidge said. "My way of talking myself into a different job is like, well, it could be romance, or it could be, you know, a whole different group of friends. Cool things could come out of it."

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