Here's What The Earth Will Look Like If All Its Land Ice Melts

 The two largest ice sheets on earth — the one on Antarctica and the one on Greenland — extend more than 6 million square miles combined.

If all of earth's land ice melted, it would be nothing short of disastrous. Lots of European cities like, Brussels and Venice, would be basically underwater. In Africa and the Middle East? Dakar, Accra, Jeddah — gone. Millions of people in Asia, in cities like Mumbai, Beijing, and Tokyo, would have to move inland. South America would say goodbye to cities like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

Much of America's most populated regions would be severely affected by rising sea levels, as you'll notice exploring the map, created by Alex Tingle using data provided by NASA.

Places like Houston, San Francisco, and New York City, and the entire state of Florida would slowly disappear into the sea.

The West Coast (Goodbye, San Francisco!)

The East Coast. (See ya, Philly!)

The Gulf Coast. (RIP, Bourbon Street!)

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