‘Family Feud’ murder trial leaves friend of family shocked: 'Never thought he could do something like this'

Timothy Bliefnick found guilty by Illinois jury in wife's murder 3 years after 'Family Feud' remark about his marriage

What appeared to be merely an awkward exchange on the game show "Family Feud," proved to be a haunting warning after a former contestant was found guilty of his wife's murder. 

After Timothy Bliefnick was convicted by an Illinois jury, a friend of the murder victim, Becky Bliefnick, reacted to what had transpired on "Fox & Friends" Thursday. 


"They seemed to be like the perfect family," Christie Krause said.

"When we knew Tim and Becky, that was when they had gotten engaged and we're getting married. And it was a very happy time in their life. I would have never thought that Tim could do something like this."

Police arrested Becky's husband on March 13, almost two weeks after they served a search warrant at his home.

Rebecca Bliefnick smiles

Rebecca Bliefnick, a 41-year-old nurse and mother of three from Quincy, Illinois, was found shot to death in her home on Feb. 23, 2023. (Becky Bliefnick/Facebook)

Bliefnick, who lived about a mile away from his wife after they separated, was accused of breaking into Rebecca "Becky" Postle Bliefnick's home through a second-story window and shooting her 14 times.

Postle Bliefnick's sister also testified last week that she received a text message that read, "If something ever happens to me, make sure the No. 1 person of interest is Tim."

"I am putting this in writing that I'm fearful he will somehow harm me, come after me, or will try to [do] something to me that takes me away from the kids or the kids away from me," Postle Bliefnick texted her sister, Sarah Reilly, according to the latter's testimony. "He already has lied multiple times to paint himself as a victim and me as the perpetrator when it is absolutely the other way around."



Krause said she also knew Becky had reached out to close friends and family about her fears her husband could do something to her leading up to the divorce being finalized.

"She had reached out to too many people that she was close to, saying that if anything happened to her that Tim would be the one that they should look at first," she said. "That's really sad to hear, especially during the trial. It was very heartbreaking to know that she was in so much fear in the last few days of her life."

Krause said she has continued to pray for the family and the boys, hoping they will remember their mother as an "all-around great person."

"My thoughts and prayers go out to them. These three boys have lost both of their parents. It's heartbreaking to know what they have to go through for the rest of their life, that their father killed their mother," she said.

"All I can continue to do is pray for them and hopefully offer happy memories from the past of their wonderful mother, who was just brilliant and beautiful and caring and just an all-around great person."

Bliefnick split

Tim Bliefnick, left, was a college football star and contestant on the "Family Fued" game show. Now he's accused of fatally shooting his estranged wife, an award-winning nurse named Becky Bliefnick, right. (Adams County Sheriff's Office, Becky Bliefnick/Facebook)

Timothy Bliefnick remarked to "Family Feud" host Steve Harvey during a 2020 episode of the game show that he was having trouble at home. 

"What's your biggest mistake you made at your wedding?" Harvey asked.

placeholder"Honey, I love you but, said 'I do'," Bliefnick responded, prompting a mix of laughs and gasps from the crowd.

Becky's family broke their silence Thursday after her estranged husband's conviction.

"As a family of faith, we are deeply thankful for our family, friends and the complete strangers who have rallied around us and prayed for us during these incredibly dark days," relatives of Rebecca "Becky" Postle Bliefnick said in a statement authored by her sister Sarah Reilly.

"We live with the hope that the worst moment of our lives cannot define who we are, as we pick up the pieces to raise Becky's boys in the way we know she would want."

Her sister set up a GoFundMe campaign to support her three nephews, who are now without both parents.

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