Colby Richards disappeared from his home near Houston. He was found safe days later.

A 31-year-old Texas man who vanished at the end of May and sparked a nationwide search was found safe last week, according to law enforcement.

Colby Richards had last been seen in the early hours of May 26 after it was believed that he had left his residence in Spring, Texas, located near Houston, according to a Facebook post from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. His wife Callie Richards had said on Facebook that she filed the missing person report after she saw her husband walk into the woods that morning behind the couple's house and not return.

Richards' disappearance garnered national attention and sparked a nationwide search before the sheriff's office announced Friday on Facebook that he had been found. Richards was located near an intersection in a bustling commercial area of The Woodlands, a Texas district in the Houston area located about eight miles north of Spring, according to the sheriff's office.

The sheriff's office said it has placed Richards under the care of medics and the department’s mental health unit. The sheriff’s office said in a statement on Facebook that detectives would eventually interview Richards about the circumstances of his disappearance, adding, however, "it will be some time before he is interviewed."

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