Biden: US "had nothing to do" with Russian rebellion

President Joe Biden said the US had "nothing to do" with Saturday's events in Russia, where Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin allegedly incited an armed rebellion against the Kremlin.

Biden said he directed the national security team to monitor Saturday's events in Russia closely and report to him "hour by hour" and prepare for a range of scenarios.

He said he also spoke to the key allies of the US over the weekend.

"It's critical that we are in a coordinated in our response and coordinated in what we are to anticipate," he said, adding that all parties agreed that "we had to make sure we gave Putin no excuse to blame this on the West or to blame this on NATO."

"We made clear that we were not involved. We had nothing to do with it. This was part of a struggle within Russian system," he added.

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