Virgin Islands subpoenas Elon Musk, seeks documents involving Jeffrey Epstein, JPMorgan

The U.S. Virgin Islands has subpoenaed Elon Musk for documents in the government’s lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase involving Jeffrey Epstein, a court filing said.  

The Virgin Islands is suing JPMorgan over sex trafficking acts committed by Epstein as part of its effort to “hold accountable those who facilitated or participated in, directly or indirectly, the trafficking enterprise” of the deceased financier, the government said in the filing on Monday. 

The government said its investigation revealed JPMorgan “knowingly, recklessly and unlawfully provided and pulled the levers through which Epstein’s recruiters and victims were paid." 

Musk spoke out against the subpoena on Twitter Monday, calling it "idiotic" and denying any advisory connection to Epstein.

Epstein, a wealthy hedge fund manager who was arrested July 6, 2019, faced federal charges for allegedly trafficking minors. Epstein was found dead in his jail cell about a month after he pleaded not guilty.

Government wants documents regarding communication between Musk and JPMorgan or Epstein

The Virgin Islands believes Epstein “may have referred or attempted to refer” Musk to JPMorgan as a potential client, the filing said.

The subpoena, which was issued on April 28, seeks documents since Jan. 1, 2002, in which Musk communicated with JPMorgan or Epstein about the hedge fund manager or his role in Musk’s accounts, transactions or financial management. 

It also seeks documents regarding fees Musk paid to Epstein or JPMorgan in connection with Musk’s accounts, transactions or relationship at JPMorgan, and any documents regarding Epstein’s involvement in human trafficking or “his procurement of girls or women for commercial sex.”

Musk responds on Twitter: 'Idiotic'

Musk responded to a Twitter account on Monday that posted an article about the subpoena calling it “idiotic on so many levels.” 

“That cretin never advised me on anything whatsoever,” Musk said on Twitter. “JPM let Tesla down ten years ago, despite having Tesla’s global commercial banking business, which we then withdrew. I have never forgiven them.”

In the filing, the Virgin Islands said it has not been able to serve Musk the subpoena because it has not been able to locate him. 

The government said it hired an investigative firm to search public records databases for possible addresses where Musk can be found, but only found an address to one of his lawyers who didn’t respond to their email. 

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