These 30 Vintage Photos of Libraries-on-Wheels Look Cool!

A travelling library, also called a bookmobile, were often used to provide books to villages and city suburbs that had no library buildings; the bookmobile went from a simple horse-drawn cart in the 19th century to large customised vehicles.

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane with this forgotten four-wheeler...

A horse-drawn cart in Washington in the 1900s. It was one of the first American bookmobiles, built in 1905, but was hit and destroyed by a train in 1910.
bookmobile 1

A bookmobile in Indonesia, early 20th century.
bookmobile 2

A bookmobile in Indonesia, early 20th century.
bookmobile 3

The Book Caravan, one of the first traveling bookshops, 1920.
bookmobile 4

Books free for everybody, right at the door – if you vote "yes"
bookmobile 5

An opened bookmobile, 1925
bookmobile 6

Multnomah County Library, 1926
bookmobile 7

Book Caravan in Iowa, c.1927
bookmobile 8

The first bookmobile of the Public Library of Cincinnati, c. 1927.
bookmobile 9

Rockville Fair, Maryland, 1928
bookmobile 10

Three of the bookmobile staff, c.1930
bookmobile 11

The Library’s bookmobile on Compton Road, c.1933
bookmobile 12

Greensboro, North Carolina, 1936bookmobile 13

The Library’s bookmobile in Sharonville, circa 1938
bookmobile 14

A circulating library in a streetcar in Munich, Germany
bookmobile 15

A tram in Berlin with 2400 books in Berlin, 1952
bookmobile 16

Framingham Public Library, 1956
bookmobile 17

A mobile library in Canterbury
bookmobile 18

A Czech book truck
bookmobile 19

Inside a bookmobile, c.1960s
bookmobile 21

An impatient queue for a Dutch bookmobile
bookmobile 22

A Boston Public Library bookmobile, 1963
bookmobile 23

A bus with a view, 1967
bookmobile 24

Onboard the Connecticut State Library’s Bookmobile with Margaret Sullivan and Marcella Finan, 1967.
bookmobile 25

The bookmobile of Providence Public Library, 1967
bookmobile 26

Utah State Library Bookmobile on the Road, c.1970
bookmobile 27

A mobile library in Kurdistan, Iran, 1970
bookmobile 28

Bookmobile at Anne Arundel County Fair, 1973.
bookmobile 29

Paul Buttars, former manager of the Utah State Library Bookmobile Program, in one of the “older” bookmobiles. Taken in Chesterfield, UT, c.1975.
bookmobile 30

The Bicentennial Bookmobile in Utah, 1976
bookmobile 31

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