SEAN HANNITY: Did President Biden profit from Hunter's international business deals?

Hannity examines the Biden family's alleged profits from foreign nationals

host Sean Hannity delves into the first family's alleged scandals on "Hannity," asking how they got so rich during President Biden's time in politics.

Your president, Joe Biden — how did he become so rich after decades of being a public servant? He has two massive houses, one at a beautiful beach. He has that classic Corvette we all know about, a net worth of around $10 million. So, how does this happen on a meager government salary? Did Joe profit from his son's shady international business deals?  

Now, based on texts and emails from Hunter's laptop from hell, there is evidence that appears to show that Hunter complained bitterly about having to hand over half his salary to "Pops." He even paid for Joe's upkeep at his mansion and repairs. He hated it. There was also one email that discussed a 10% payout to the Big Guy held by Hunter. That is likely just the tip of the iceberg. 


Now, according to an ongoing investigation from the House Oversight Committee, there are over 20 shell companies we learned about this week, mostly formed during Biden's time as VP, and they were used to covertly distribute "over $10 million from foreign nationals" to Biden family and friends. Now we're talking about Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, Jim Biden's wife, Hunter Biden's girlfriend, Hunter Biden's ex-wife, Hunter Biden's current wife and three of Joe Biden's grandchildren. Wonder what the grandchildren did for the money. 

Anyway, why were all of these Bidens allegedly now receiving payments from foreign nationals funneled through multiple shell corporations as James Comer is claiming? For example, money from a Chinese state energy company was allegedly filtered through five LLCs before winding up in the hands of four different Biden family members. Sounds a little sketchy, doesn't it? 

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