Royal family reminds United Kingdom of 'diversity' and 'service to nation': Benjamin Hall

The royal coronation is about the future and the past, said Fox News' Benjamin Hall

In a historic day for the United Kingdom, King Charles III has been crowned as monarch. Fox News' Benjamin Hall reported live from London on the historic ceremony and procession and discussed the role and future of the royal monarchy as King Charles takes the helm.  


 It's interesting because I speak both as a half-British, but also half-American. And I look at this, and sometimes I wonder, you know, what is the purpose of this today? Does it look back? Does it look forward? And I think Piers [Morgan] put his finger on it perfectly. This is very much about the future, and it's also about the past. It's about both of them, and as you watch this right now, you realize that only in England can you get away with something like this on this scale, minute-to-minute perfection, and it has been so far absolutely perfect along the way. This procession now is after the church and the Westminster Abbey, and from there we move into this incredible procession, and I think that you look at what happened in the abbey then. That was the very serious part. That was when there was an anointing by God. And you have to realize that for all the glitz and the glamor and the jewels and the diamonds and the coaches, that's what this came down to, this anointing by God of King Charles, and now we move on, and I think it has to be a celebration, celebration for this country. And that's exactly what we're seeing right now.


… I have thought, does the monarchy really serve its place nowadays, you know? Does it fit its purpose in this modern meritocracy? I think perhaps it really does. I think that you look at this and you see that this brings together the past and everything that is important about our history. And it also looks forward, and the royal family, I now think, are not just here to ride around in coaches. They remind us of diversity. They remind us of service to the nation. And there are 6000 soldiers now parading through the streets of London. And that's what this is about. It's going to be real pride for what this country has, and hopefully that spreads across the world, because it's not just the U.K., this is the Commonwealth, 2.4 billion people are out there and hopefully this new kind of coronation brings them all together in a sense, and reminds people that despite all the wars and the financial problems and the COVID[-19] that we've seen, sometimes things like this can just bring you together. They are hopeful, they're optimistic, and they look forward and they look back. And so far, I think they've nailed that just perfectly, and I think you've got pomp, circumstance, you've got a bit of a reality show as well with Harry, I think so far it's got everything.


 King Charles has had quite a difficult few decades and, of course, you know, the annus horribilis when after Princess Diana died and the royal family was at an all-time low, there was very little support for them. I just think that support for King Charles, support for the monarchy has grown a lot, and I think that's because day in, day out, they just convey the sense of service and that really is what they do. And you look at the charities they support and you look at the military that they support, and that's what they do. Yes, they live wonderful lives and they live in palaces and castles and they get that in exchange. And yes, no inheritance tax for the monarch and lots of these things, but I think that they convey something that when you take away all of the tabloid of it, they are here to serve the people. We saw him today in that coronation saying that the same way the queen said that 70 years ago, she was there now for the service of the country, and I think actually that we people are starting to see Charles like that. They're starting to see that that's what he's trying to do. He's not involved in politics. He's had a number of issues that he cares very deeply about, from the environment to families, to the military, and that's why he's going to focus. He's trying to bring about good and he's not trying to impose in politics. He'd be very careful about that. Yes, I think you look at this right now and you think the monarchy is back in a good place. It's got generations ahead that people support, people love, and I think looking at this today, I think we're going to see a real uptick in support for the family.

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