Jessica Simpson's daughter uses birthday wish on Joe Simpson after bone cancer diagnosis

The shoe designer and mother of three celebrated her firstborn daughter, Maxwell Drew's 11th birthday

Jessica Simpson is reveling in all the great news her family has received in the past several days, including an update on her father Joe Simpson's bone cancer prognosis. 

Taking to her Instagram to celebrate the 11th birthday of her firstborn, daughter Maxwell (Maxi) Drew, Simpson described the wish her child made while blowing out her candles.

"She told me after she blew out HER 11 candles…'I made a wish that was for me and you and actually the whole family,'" Simpson wrote alongside a picture of her daughter lifting her in the air.

Three days after her party took place, Simpson says her daughter overheard her reading a text message she had received from her father, Joe Simpson, prompting the birthday girl to share her wish with extended family.

Maxwell Drew screams with excitement as she holds a bunch of colorful balloons split Maxwell wearing an orange trucker hat makes a goofy face while mother Jessica Simpson smiles in green, holding a caramelized apple

Jessica Simpson shared photos to her Instagram story of Maxwell Drew celebrating her 11th birthday. (Jessica Simpson Instagram)


Jessica Simpson in a black leather dress looks back at the camera as she gets into a black car split Joe Simpson with a black shirt and yellow rainjacket gets out of the car and smiles for photos

Jessica Simpson says her daughter used her birthday wish on the singer's father, Joe Simpson. (Gotham/Gilbert Carrasquillo)

Simpson shares that her mother and Joe's ex-wife, Tina, told Maxi Drew "to share it with everyone if she wanted to, especially if it had already come true."

"Maxwell's birthday wish was for her Papa Joe's bone cancer treatment to work. It did," Simpson wrote, while revealing her father's diagnosis.

"Thank you Maxi Drew for usin' your wish on our family and most importantly, my Dad. You are mesmerizing, steadfast, intelligent, passionate, generous, loving, devoted, inspiring, enticing, confident, empathetic, powerful, intuitive, beautiful, DETERMINED, enlightened and FULL OF WONDER," the proud mom wrote.

Jessica Simpson in a black dress with criss-cross cut outs at the top smiles next to her father Joe Simpson in a black striped shirt and white vest

Jessica Simpson revealed her father Joe Simpson is battling bone cancer, but that his treatment has been successful. (Amy Graves/WireImage)


"The faith of a child is what keeps all of us ALIVE," she added.



This is not the first time Joe has battled cancer. 

In 2017, he revealed he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, undergoing surgery and radiation.

"I feel good. I beat it. I have zero cancer," he told Us Weekly at the time. "I went from Stage IV to cancer free."

Eric Johnson in a black shirt and dark pants stands next to Joe Simpson, who is partially hunched wearing a pink furry jacket, next to Jessica Simpson in a mini skirt and sparkly gold top, and her daughter Maxwell Drew with a sparkly top in the front with her arms spread out

Jessica Simpson posted a photo with her husband Eric, daughter Maxwell Drew, and father Joe for his 65th birthday. (Jessica Simpson Instagram)

Despite a tumultuous relationship with her father, Simpson celebrated Joe when he turned 65 in February.

"Happy 65th Birthday Dad!!! Bein' loved by you has given purposeful soul to my life," she wrote to Instagram.

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