Incredible Photos of New York City in the Early 1900s

 The early 1900s was an era of unprecedented change for America, and it’s amazing to see how things have changed since then. Thanks to the Library of Congress Flickr account, we can now enjoy hundreds of remarkable images documenting New York City at the turn of the century.

Here are a few highlights from the collection from between 1910 and 1915.

A woman crossing 5th Avenue and Broadway to Madison Square Park.
NYC 1900s

A model yacht race at Conservatory Lake, Central Park, New York City.
NYC 1900s 2

A group of babies in New York’s Lower Eastside.
NYC 1900s 3

People planning to travel to Philadelphia inflate a hydrogen balloon on the roof of the John Wanamaker store on Broadway and 10th Ave.
NYC 1900s 4

A man receiving a straight razor shave from a barber at the Hotel de Gink.
NYC 1900s 5

Care to go for a swim at Brighton Beach?
NYC 1900s 6

Lounging in the Battery Park shade on a hot day.
NYC 1900s 7

After crashing in Central Park, a vehicle balances on the edge of a bridge.
NYC 1900s 8

Swimming at the Coney Island beaches.
NYC 1900s 9

A typical busy afternoon on 5th Avenue.
NYC 1900s 10

The Hook & Ladder fire department on horses.
NYC 1900s 11

Want some flowers? These suffragists got you covered.
NYC 1900s 12

The fountain in Madison Square Park was a popular place to cool off.
NYC 1900s 13

Or you could stick your head in the mouth of a hippo in Central Park.
NYC 1900s 14

A kid on his way to class.
NYC 1900s 15

Edward Everett McCall (1863-1924), Chairman of the New York Public Service Commission, visiting the site of a fire in a New York City subway tunnel.
NYC 1900s 16

A street cleaner.
NYC 1900s 17

A group of students taking a break from class.
NYC 1900s 18

The aftermath of a fire in a New York City subway tunnel which took place near West 55th Street and Broadway.
NYC 1900s 19

Before cabs, street trollies provided mass transit for New Yorkers.
NYC 1900s 20

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