Colombia plane crash: Four child survivors found in Amazon rainforest two weeks later

The plane crash in the Amazon rainforest two weeks ago killed at least one person, authorities in Colombia said

Four children missing after a plane crash in Colombia have been found alive two weeks later, the country's president said Wednesday. 

Authorities and the military have searched the Colombia Amazon for the children, ages 13, nine, four and an 11-month-old baby and two other passengers. 


"After arduous search efforts by our Military Forces, we have found alive the 4 children who had disappeared due to the plane crash in Guaviare. A joy for the country," President Gustavo Petro tweeted. 

Colombian plane crash

One person was found dead by Colombian authorities after a plane crashed in the Amazon. Four children out of six passengers have been found.  ( Colombian Military Forces )

The plane disappeared from radar on May 1 during a flight over the Amazon rainforest, authorities said, One person was found dead inside the aircraft and six passengers had been unaccounted for. 

Avianline Charter, the company that operated the commercial flight, confirmed the dead body was of the pilot, AFP reported. The plane was headed toward San Jose del Guaviare, one of the main cities in Colombia's Amazon rainforest

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