Cinco de Mayo: Popular Mexican restaurants in the US

Cinco de Mayo is an important Mexican cultural holiday celebrated in the United States and Mexico

This Cinco de Mayo, treat your friends and family to a great dining experience at some of the best authentic Mexican restaurants in the United States. 

Some of the most popular Mexican restaurants have the ability to combine traditional Mexican foods with quality ingredients and flavors that keep their customer base interested and coming back for more. 

Read below to discover the best Mexican restaurants the country has to offer for your May 5 celebrations. 

  1. Angela's Cafe
  2. Casa Playa
  3. Bacanora
  4. Californios
  5. Camino Rivera.


1. Angela's Cafe

Located in Boston, one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in the city is Angela's Cafe, a small brick business that is the perfect place to stop by to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your friends and family. One of the most popular items on the menu is the chicken mole, a traditional Mexican chicken dish that is loaded with chili and other seasoning. 

Tacos on a platter.

This Cinco de Mayo try to expand your taste in Mexican food by visiting the best and most authentic restaurants in the United States. (Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

The restaurant is also known for its awarding winning guacamole and its different types of taco, burrito, and carne masada variations. Many of these dishes at Angela's Cafe also come with their world-famous mole sauce. The restaurant has become a staple for the locals in East Boston and is a must-visit for anyone visiting the city during the Cinco de Mayo holiday. 

2. Casa Playa

One of the newest and hottest additions to the Encore at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas is the Casa Playa restaurant, a gourmet Mexican dining lounge with a unique interior design and quality ingredients. Most of the food is sourced from Mexico's Pacific coastline in Baja California, while their drinks feature a variety of mescals, tequilas, and other Mexican cocktails. 

Moreover, the menu is designed by the restaurant's executive chef, Sarah Thompson, and features popular dishes such as the family-size surf and turf with lobster and wagyu carne asada, blue shrimp ceviche and grilled branzino. If you're looking to celebrate Mexican heritage this May 5, try yourself at this upscale restaurant but be prepared to spend a decent amount of money on entrées. 

3. Bacanora 

If you find yourself in downtown Phoenix this Cinco de Mayo, find time to stop by this new quality restaurant for an authentic Mexican dining experience. Bacanora has a great atmosphere, along with a number of popular dishes such as short ribs, pollo asado, tomahawk steak and cucumber salad. In addition, make sure to try some of their best dessert menu items, including the leches cake.  

Mexican flag being waved

Cinco de Mayo is an important Mexican historical and cultural holiday that is celebrated every May 5 in Mexico and the United States. (Carlos Tischler/ Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

Bacanora utilizes a wood grill in their kitchen to cook their meals to perfection and has an ever-evolving menu filled with different flavors to expand your boundaries when it comes to tasting Mexican food. Located in the arts district of downtown Phoenix, Bacanora offers quality yet affordable prices for those looking to get a quick bite for Cinco de Mayo. 


4. Californios 

Californios is another fine ding Mexican restaurant located in the heart of San Francisco just south of the city's Market District. This two-starred Michelin restaurant has an ambitious menu that combines the Bay Area's seasonal food items with traditional Mexican dining options. Reviews online claim the restaurant ensures that all meals have an excellent presentation and that each customer receives quality service. 


Although the menu changes quite often, some dishes that customers enjoy the most include the barbacoa, crudo, chicharrón, frijoles, slope and queso. However, this food quality is higher than your typical dining experience, so be prepared to spend an above-average amount of money on food and drinks. 

5. Camino Rivera 

Another beloved local Mexican restaurant in San Diego is Camino Rivera, which combines traditional authentic Mexican foods from the Yucatán coast along with Southeast Asian-influenced dishes. For example, one of the restaurant's most popular items includes The Taco, which features a tempura sea bass topped with a gold leaf.

Most Mexican restaurants serve in one way or another the traditional carne asada street taco to customers. (iStock)

Restaurant goers should also experience the large variety of spirits served by Camino Rivera, including their cochinita pibil, papadzules and mole blanco drinks. This style of Mexican dining will offer you and your loved ones a fresh new experience for Cinco de Mayo. 

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