China’s threat to our national security that might surprise you

Congress needs to restrict China’s spying and this surprising national security threat

One of the greatest threats to the United States and our beacon of freedom and democracy is the Chinese Communist Party. We as a country face a severe national security threat in the form of CCP-backed individuals and companies purchasing land in the United States.  

Among the most significant concerns of allowing Chinese-backed organizations to purchase land is their potential to affect our nation's food security, economic stability, and military readiness. The CCP’s ownership of U.S. farmland presents a monumental threat to multiple areas of national security. 

One of the most critical national security implications of Chinese-backed organizations purchasing land around U.S. military installations is the risk of espionage. Chinese-owned farming operations would be able to survey and gather information about our military installations that could enable unauthorized access or even attacks.  


Furthermore, Chinese-backed firms could also influence companies that supply the military, leading to the possibility of sabotage or technological theft. Such scenarios could severely impact the military's readiness and ability to respond to threats effectively.  

China's Xi Jinping

China's massive increase in purchases of American farmland is a national security threat. FILE: Chinese President Xi Jinping waves at an event to introduce new members of the Politburo Standing Committee at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Oct. 23, 2022.  (AP Photo/Andy Wong, File)

We’ve seen their espionage playbook before. In July 2020, President Trump closed down the Chinese Consulate in my hometown of Houston, Texas, after years of FBI intelligence showed Chinese officials were stealing valuable medical research and were attempting to infiltrate the oil and gas industry.  

Moreover, the CCP's purchase of U.S. farmland presents a severe risk to our nation's food security. China has been known to use its economic and military might to dictate terms and policies in other countries. Allowing them to own vast amounts of U.S. farmland would give them substantial control over the nation's food supply, enabling them to leverage their position in negotiations and compromise U.S. security. Additionally, allowing CCP-operated farms to produce U.S. food could also present health risks given China's lax food safety standards. 

In 2020, Chinese investors had accumulated 192,000 acres of farmland in the United States. Now, just three years later, Chinese investors own approximately 385,000 acres, doubling their investment in American farmland. Since 2010, China has increased its U.S. farm ownership by 1,000%. 

The U.S. government must take steps to implement strict regulations and prevent unregulated purchases of farmland near military installations that could endanger national security. Moreover, the U.S. government must demand transparency from Chinese-owned firms and reveal the full extent of Chinese-owned farmland in the U.S. to take appropriate measures to protect the nation's interests

Congress should immediately pass legislation that restricts or prohibits Chinese-owned firms from acquiring land near U.S. military bases, critical infrastructure and sensitive natural resources. The U.S. government could also strengthen the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to increase scrutiny over Chinese investments in critical infrastructure and land purchases.  

placeholderThe Departments of Treasury, Justice, Homeland Security, Commerce, Defense, State and Energy all sit on the board of CFIUS, but the Department of Agriculture does not. Passing legislation to add the Department of Agriculture to CFIUS should happen immediately as well.  

Seizing or reclaiming U.S. farmland that has been purchased by the CCP is certainly a viable option as well. In recent months, we’ve seen just how far the Chinese Government is willing to go to capture U.S. military secrets. According to multiple Biden Defense Officials, China’s Spy Balloon gathered valuable military intelligence from multiple American military bases as it crisscrossed our country. 

In 2020, Chinese investors had accumulated 192,000 acres of farmland in the United States. Now, just three years later, Chinese investors own approximately 385,000 acres, doubling their investment in American farmland. Since 2010, China has increased its U.S. farm ownership by 1,000%. 

Seizing our land back from Chinese organizations would certainly inhibit the CCP from continuing to spy on us. In fact, my office is currently working on legislation that would authorize $27 billion from President Joe Biden’s Green New Deal slush fund to buy back U.S. agricultural land purchased by CCP-affiliated groups.  

Ultimately, it is essential for the U.S. government to balance economic interests with national security concerns when it comes to land purchases by Chinese-owned firms, as it has significant implications for the entire country.  

American Defense Officials are warning that the United States could be at war with China as soon as 2025. As our greatest adversary, it is essential that Congress begin to implement stringent policies that put America on a path to success if a war with China ever occurred.  

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