Children's hospital director says 'revolutionary' sex change clinic for kids is the same as treating diabetes

'There are plenty of possibilities of gender. There's not just a he and a she, there's a they, there's other options,' Dr. Angela Goepferd said

The director of the gender program at Children's Minnesota claimed that treating asthma and diabetes is no different from offering sex changes for kids.

The medical establishment refers to sex changes as "gender-affirming care," which includes mental health counseling, social transitioning, hormones and potential surgeries down the line.

Dr. Angela Goepferd, a pediatrician, heads the sex change clinic that is catered for kids at Children's Minnesota. Children's Minnesota treats children struggling with gender dysphoria as young as 6 and creates plans for them, according to Goepferd. They offer hormones to kids as young as 14.

Dr. Goepferd at Children's Minnesota

Dr. Goepferd at Children's Minnesota (Screenshot/YouTube)

According to a sample gender support plan obtained by Fox News Digital, the hospital will offer puberty blockers at the first signs of sexual development called Tanner Stage 2. 


Recently, researchers at a top Swedish medical school concluded that its use in kids with dysphoria should be considered "experimental" medicine due to the potential to permanently cause bone mineral loss on children. 

As puberty is a full-body experience – including brain development – the long-term effects on other multiple body systems for kids with gender dysphoria are currently unknown. The medication suppresses pubertal development by continually stimulating the pituitary gland, causing sex hormone production to stop. 

Last year, the FDA identified six cases of children taking GnRH agonists, which presented "a plausible association" to causing increased pressure around the brain which can eventually lead the organ to swell. 

Children's minnesota gender plan

Gender pipeline at Children's Minnesota.  (Children's Minnesota)

Dr. Goepferd was discussing in December the vitriol against institutions providing sex change medication – such as puberty blockers and hormones – to children. 


placeholder"Certainly surgeries and other medical procedures can be things that transgender people have as a part of their care. But that's not how we start this care with kids," Goepferd said. 

"And if my child had diabetes or cancer or asthma, I deserve to be able to go to an asthma specialist to find out what things can we do to make it better, what things might make it worse," she said. "And if you have a child who is transgender, you deserve that same thing. At just a real basic fundamental level, kids deserve health care that is specialized and tailored to their health care needs." 

MInnesota childrens hospital director

MInnesota childrens hospital director  (YouTube/screenshot)

Dr. Goepferd said in a 2020 training for the pediatric institution, reviewed by Fox News, that she uses a gender identity-gingerbread person in order to illustrate the concepts of gender and sexuality to children as well as hospital staff. 

"[T]here are plenty of possibilities of gender. There's not just a he and a she, there's a they, there's other options. This is something that kids are growing up with now that will fundamentally change the way that we're talking about this. And I think it's changing it now."

The genderbread person she raised showed biological sex on spectrum. 

children's minnesota genderbread identity

Director of Children's Minnesota reveals training materials used for hospital staff and to explain sexuality to children. (Children's Minnesota )

"So with regard to biologic sex, he may be relatively fixed on one of these unless you're undergoing surgical procedures to change some of those characteristics," she explained to the clinicians at the hospital. "And for gender identity, you may be fixed somewhere here, but it also may change for you over time."

"So what does it mean to be transgender? So to be transgender means that the sex that you were assigned at birth, the assignment that someone else gave to you is different than the way that you see yourself."

Children's minnesota gender program

Goebferd shares how to improve transgender visibility throughout the entire children's hospital.  (Children's Minnesota )

Goepferd spoke about "The revolutionary truth about kids and gender identity" in a Ted Talk in 2020. 

"It is my foundation belief that we all know who we are from a very young age, including the truest expression of our gender identity. And, we actually spend most of our lives searching for the words, and the tools, and the safety, and the agency to share ourselves with the world," said Dr. Goepferd. 

Fox News Digital reached out to Children's Minnesota and Goepferd for comment but did not receive a response. 

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