Chargers roast their NFL opponents in hilarious 2023 schedule release video

The Chargers' social team touched on Jimmy G with the Raiders, to the Lions' gambling issues

The Los Angeles Chargers’ social media team once again killed the season schedule reveal with their anime-inspired video, and it’s safe to say they don’t mind taking shots at any team in the NFL. 

Last season, NFL fans were in awe of the Chargers’ social media team’s anime video that displayed their season schedule in a very unique way, while throwing some jabs at their opponents with some hidden messages. 

This season’s video, though, took the shots to a whole other level. And NFL fans loved to see it


Justin Herbert in anime video

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert in anime form during team's schedule release video (Los Angeles Chargers)

It all begins with a ripped-up receipt that has "27-0" in quotes with the merchant being the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is a reference to the team’s brutal loss to the Jags in the Wild Card Round in last season’s playoffs. 

Then come the slights at each team they will be facing this season, starting with the Miami Dolphins in Week 1. It shows an anime version of Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel, and the funny spin on this is him appearing to vape on a vape pen, which was the talk of social media when he did so on the sideline last season. 


After showing Derrick Henry looking like a Cyborg for Week 2, the Chargers’ social team had some fun with the Week 3 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. Your eyes will want to wander to Kirk Cousins’ shiny chains (an ode to him wearing them on the team plane last season after a win), but be sure to look in the top right corner at the "banners" at US Bank Stadium. 

Among them, the Chargers sarcastically point out that Justin Jefferson was Offensive Rookie of the year runner-up in 2020 behind Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert. Jefferson did, however, win Offensive Player of the Year this past season after totaling 128 receptions and 1,809 yards to lead the NFL in each of those categories. 

Kirk Cousins in anime form

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins in anime form in Los Angeles Chargers' schedule release video. (Los Angeles Chargers)

Then, perhaps the biggest shot of the video, the Raiders are their Week 4 matchup, and the Chargers poked fun at the team’s new quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. It shows a slot machine (referencing Las Vegas) that has different quarterbacks who may have landed with the Raiders this offseason, like Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. 

placeholderBut it all lands on Garoppolo, and the Chargers had even more fun when the second Raiders’ matchup came along in Week 15. 

It goes back to the slot machine where a cashout ticket is printed, and it says "-$72,750,000" which is the total of Garoppolo’s contract with Las Vegas. There’s also a QR code that’s ingenious by the Chargers. 

Slot machine with "Garoppolo" written

The Los Angeles Chargers' video showing a slot machine with "Garoppolo" as the winner.  (Los Angeles Chargers)

It takes viewers to a link on their team site that has two options to click if you’re a Chargers fan or a Raiders fan. The Chargers’ link takes you to single-game tickets that can be purchased an hour before the general public gets a crack at them. As for the Raiders’ link, it goes to a Google search of "how to get a job." 

Pettiness at its finest.


Some other notable weeks to point out are the Detroit Lions in Week 10, which cuts to soft elevator music with a message for those with a gambling problem. Why? Well, Lions receiver Jameson Williams and others in the organization were suspended or released after breaking the league’s gambling policy following investigation. 

Times Square in anime form

The Los Angeles Chargers' schedule release video shows a mock-up anime version of Times Square. (Los Angeles Chargers)

The Chargers also play Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets in Week 9 on "Monday Night Football," and they showed a view of Times Square with a plethora of small digs, including those to Zach Wilson, Rex Ryan and even a small line that says, "CPOY Geno Smith," pointing at the fact that the Seattle Seahawks’ signal caller revived his career after flopping with Gang Green. 

placeholderFinally, the Chargers’ rivalry with the Kansas City Chiefs showed two instances where one of their well-known fans, known as "Chiefsaholic," is dressed in his wolf suit with Chiefs gear trying to take off an ankle monitor and being chased by law enforcement. 
"Chiefsaholic" takes off ankle monitor

Los Angeles Chargers poke fun at Kansas City Chiefs' superfan "Chiefsaholic," who is on the run from the law in real life.  (Los Angeles Chargers)

That fan, whose real name is Xaviar Babudar, is currently wanted for armed robbery and is running from the law after removing his ankle monitor back in March. He allegedly tried to rob a bank in Bixby, Oklahoma. 

There are many more instances of this savvy way of breaking down the season schedule, including games with the Baltimore Ravens and Chicago Bears. 

Chargers take shot at Lions' gambling issues

The Los Angeles Chargers take a shot at the Detroit Lions' gambling issues on their roster in schedule release video. (Los Angeles Chargers)

Simply put, you have to see it to believe it. And just when you think you caught all the Easter Eggs, go take another look. 

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