Berlin Recreates Adolf Hitler's Bunker

 A replica of the German dictator's bunker, where he spent his final days at the end of World War Two, has opened in central Berlin inside a former Nazi air raid shelter.

Hitler spent the last phase of WWII stuck inside a bunker, as recreated here in a Nazi-era air raid shelter in Berlin.

A mock-up of Hitler's living room-cum-office (furniture not from the original bunker).

The dictator's desk: As fighting raged outside, the Fuehrer was holed up with his closest associates, including Eva Braun, who he married inside the bunker in his final hours.

This is believed to be the last official photo of Hitler, before he shot himself on 30 April 1945.

The bunker, as seen in this model, had 30 rooms. It was located in the Reich Chancellery gardens near the Brandenburg Gate.

Photos tell the story of Hitler's bunker in 1945 - some show Soviet troops posing inside it.

US soldier inside fire-ravaged bunker, 1945
A US soldier inside the burnt-out bunker after Hitler's suicide in 1945.

Soviet soldiers at alleged Hitler grave
In 1945, Soviet soldiers posed at Hitler's alleged makeshift grave in war-ravaged Berlin.

In 1959, communist East Germany removed the debris of Hitler's bunker - a notice is all that marks the spot now.

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