Bear and bulletproof travel trailer is ready for the roughest stuff

ELE designed for extinction level events

It is a camper for people who either really hate bugs, or need to bug out.

The Mammoth Overland ELE is a travel trailer designed for extinction-level events.

Or just staying safe from the wildlife.

The off-road overlanding ELE is constructed of insulated aluminum and equipped with several self-defense features.



The ELE is a travel trailer. (Mammoth Overland)

Among them are a boom-mounted night vision camera and a built-in bear spray system that can surround the vehicle in a cloud of the repellant.

bear spray

The ELE has a built-in bear repellant spray system. (Mammoth Overland)

The camper is equipped with "submarine-style" pressure doors that lock with four pins and allow the cabin to be pressurized to .25 psi in order to keep the repellant and other irritants and pollutants out of the cabin.

ele cabin

The interior is equipped with a bed, weather station and Geiger counter. (Mammoth Overland)

It also has a built-in medical grade E.L. Foust air filtration system that the company says can even remove odors from the camper during a three-minute purge, a weather station and a Geiger counter. 

ele exterior

Submarine-style doors allow the cabin to be positively pressurized to keep out irritants and pollutants. (Mammoth Overland)

A door in the roof leads to an observation platform, where there is a drone launch system and Starlink internet dish, while the interior has a bed, widescreen TV and lockable storage compartments.

ele tv

A 32-inch TV and Starlink internet is included. (Mammoth Overland)

Off-grid power is provided by a gasoline generator, dual 100-watt solar panels and a 20-hour battery.

You will have to venture outside to cook and clean, however, using the swing-out kitchen that's stored in a separate compartment under the hatchback.

The ELE is priced at $67,000 and the Level 3 bulletproofing is a $25,000 option.

Orders are currently being accepted for deliveries scheduled for late this year.

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