Man Took Photos of the Same Place for Over 40 Years and Watched Them Decline

 Camilo José Vergara is a Chilean-born photographer who captured buildings in his neighborhood and witnessed as they change through the years. He documented these structures in a span of over four decades .

Focusing on the most segregated communities within the urban America, he came back year after year to re-photograph the exact same places, becoming “an archivist of decline”.

Behold the space and time that he has tracked…

Vyse Avenue, South Bronx, NY (1980-2013)

4344 West Madison Ave, Chicago (1981-2014)3

Ransom Gills Mansion (1993-2014)

65 East 125th St., Harlem (1977-2014)

Fern Street, Camden, New Jersey (1979-2014)

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