'It's a huge honor': Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt debut sneak peek of action comedy 'The Fall Guy'

 LAS VEGAS – A five-minute stunt spectacular was the CinemaCon warmup act for Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt's new action comedy "The Fall Guy," though the two A-listers questioned their being the main event.

"We’re just actors," Gosling cracked. "We’re paid to stand over here and take credit for that."

At Universal's Wednesday presentation, the stars and director David Leitch ("Bullet Train") debuted the first footage of "Fall Guy" (out March 1, 2024) to the convention for theater owners and studios. The film's based on the original 1980s TV show with Lee Majors, which "was very near and dear to me and other stunt performers of my generation," said Leitch, who was Brad Pitt's stunt double before becoming a high-profile action-movie director.

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Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt debut footage from their upcoming action comedy "The Fall Guy" at CinemaCon.

Gosling stars as Colt Seavers, who has put his stunt life behind him when the movie opens. He broke his back, then broke up with his girlfriend and is now a valet, parking cars way too fast. But he's called back into action for a blockbuster space opera, the director is his ex Jody (Blunt) and they have to work together to save the movie when its mercurial star (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) goes missing during filming.

"It was a shocking thing that anyone would break up with you," Blunt joked with Gosling. "But there are many reasons, too many to name."

Gosling said it was "a huge honor to step into the footsteps of the iconic Lee Majors," and also took time to shout out his stunt doubles and performers who helped with his action scenes, from being set on fire to a high fall from a helicopter. "That’s what I love so much about this film. Most films, the actors get all the credit and the stunt performers do all the hard work. That ends today."

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Vin Diesel announces 'Fast X Part 2,' goes rogue with the teleprompter

Vin Diesel holds court with the CinemaCon crowd talking about "Fast X."

"I like this room better than the Oscars," Vin Diesel told a cheering crowd of theater owners when his turn came to talk the 10th installment (out May 19) of the "Fast and Furious"d action franchise. He had a surprise, though: "This summer is only the beginning of 'Fast X.' After this .. we will have Part 2 in 2025."

Diesel held court with a rousing speech, going off script from the teleprompter to thank theater owners for their longtime supporting of "Fast" films. "As a kid I dreamed of making movies for the world. I could never have achieved that if not for the work of every one of you," he said. "I look out and see soldiers on the frontlines. What would our society be like if we didn't have movies in theaters? What would our world be like?" he said.

"It's with your effort that people come to the theater and feel included. They feel safe. They feel part of the family."

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Ellen Burstyn returns in first 'The Exorcist: Believer' trailer

Ellen Burstyn (right), who co-starred with Linda Blair in the 1973 horror classic "The Exorcist," returns 50 years later in the upcoming "The Exorcist: Believer."

Director David Gordon Green and producer Jason Blum teamed up to revisit the "Halloween" franchise with a recent trilogy, and they're doing the same with "The Exorcist." The horror film "The Exorcist: Believer" (in theaters Oct. 13) arrives 50 years after the original classic and – and like with Jamie Lee Curtis in the recent "Halloween" films – returns one of its main stars, Ellen Burstyn.

Like the first film, "Believer" taps into the theme of "innocence corrupted by an unspeakable evil," Green said. "We tried to delve back into what it’s like for evil to take over the bodies of not one but two children."

He debuted the first trailer for the film, which centers on two girls being found after going missing in the woods and showing terrifying signs of possessions. The parents have no idea what to do, and one dad (Leslie Odom Jr.) reaches out to Chris MacNeil (Burstyn) since she had her own devilish experience with her daughter, Regan. And the footage teased plenty of scary stuff for old-school "Exorcist" fans, including a scene where one of the girls crashes a Catholic communion ceremony creepily chanting "body and the blood" before going full demonic.

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Will Ferrell and his furry 'Strays' co-star bring the laughs

Will Ferrell and his "Strays" co-star Sophie appear onstage at CinemaCon.

In addition to premiering an extended trailer for the R-rated talking dog comedy "Strays," Will Ferrell did a comedy with a Border Terrier named Sophie. The actor insisted he brought the character of Reggie to life while Sophie provided the "physical look": "It mostly meant that she just shows up on set and ate hot dog slices. But look, it’s not a competition. We both worked together to create Reggie."

Then Ferrell got faux offended when the camera operator kept getting closeups of the adorable Sophie, leading the actor to compare their IMDB credits. "Sophie was in 'Strays' and 'Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups' – which sucked," he joked. "I have three Emmys and a Mark Twain Prize, and you regularly (poop) on the sidewalk." That comment brought a chorus of boos. "She does!" Ferrell responded. "It’s real life."

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Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick talk 'Trolls' threequel, boy bands

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake banter onstage talking about their film "Trolls Band Together" at CinemaCon 2023.

"Jesus Christ, that song follows me everywhere!" Justin Timberlake playfully exclaimed as his "Trolls" hit "Can't Stop the Feeling" played him and co-star Anna Kendrick onto the CinemaCon stage. Their third animated musical comedy "Trolls Band Together" (out Nov. 17) – teased by Kendrick as "weirder, wilder, crazier and glitter-ier than ever" – reveals that Branch (voiced by Timberlake) used to be in a popular boy band.

Kendrick gave Timberlake grief about his previous musical life by working 'N Sync lyrics into their banter, and the two confirmed that Branch and Kendrick's Poppy are now a couple. "They’re out of the friend zone," Kendrick said, with Timberlake adding, "It's going to get hot. Troll hot!"

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