Twitter ‘Blue Checks’ Rush To Assume Capitol Attack Suspect Was A White Trump Supporter. There’s Just One Problem.


On Friday afternoon, U.S. Capitol Police announced that a suspect had been fatally shot by police after “ramming a car into two police officers at the Capitol building and then proceeding to charge at officers on-foot while wielding a knife.”

Both police officers were injured in the attack. The U.S. Capitol Police department announced in a brief statement that one of the officers, Billy Evans, passed away from his injuries.

“It is with profound sadness that I share the news of the passing of Officer William ‘Billy’ Evans this afternoon from injuries he sustained following an attack at the North Barricade by a lone assailant,” said Acting Police Chief Yogananda Pittman.

It was later reported that “The deceased assailant who rammed two U.S. Capitol Police officers Friday and emerged from his car wielding a knife before police shot him has been identified as Noah Green, 25, an African American man who believed Louis Farrakhan is an incarnation of Jesus Christ.”

Facebook moved quickly to remove Green’s profile page shortly after he was identified by media outlets. Other notably swift actions were demonstrated by numerous “blue check” verified accounts on Twitter, who reacted to the early reports — before Noah Green was identified as the assailant — by assuming that the attack was perpetrated by a white supremacist, white nationalist, and/or a supporter of Donald Trump.Another verified Twitter user tweeted, “ah, so they were white,” in response to a BuzzFeed reporter who tweeted, “Countee: Suspect was not known to Capitol Police. It does not appear to be terrorism-related at this time.”

In response to an NBC News reported who tweeted, “DC MPD Chief says there does not appear to [be] any ongoing threat and ‘it does not appear to be terrorism related,’” one verified Twitter user tweeted, “So it was a white Trump supporter?”

Another verified user tweeted, “BREAKING: US Capitol under lockdown following thwarted attack by Trump terrorists who believe Matt Gaetz stole former president’s whole rapey vibe.”

Sharing a video of the crime scene shortly after the attack outside the U.S. Capitol, another verified Twitter user tweeted, “Trump insurrectionists are attacking our Capitol again. Multiple reports that 2 Capitol police have been shot.”

Jamie Freeman, who appears to be a musician, tweeted from his verified account, “Somone [sic] rams vehicle into officer (and kills him) at US Capitol, attacks others with knife. Apparently ‘does not appear to be terrorism-related’. I don’t know yet but I’m *guessing* that means suspect was white?”

Talbert Swan took a different approach, claiming that the fact that the suspect was shot by police was evidence that he “wasn’t white.” Swan tweeted, “As soon as we heard the suspect in the Capitol attack was shot dead by police, we knew he wasn’t white.”

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