Black Lives Matter Activists Following Conviction: ‘We’re Never Gonna Be Satisfied,’ ‘Burn It Down!’

Black Lives Matter activists fumed on Tuesday afternoon after a Minneapolis jury returned a verdict convicting former Minneapolis police Derek Chauvin on all counts, manslaughter and murder, in the death of George Floyd last May.

The jury took less than a day to deliver the verdict, a move that surprised many who were expecting deliberations to take at least a few days. Chauvin now faces up to 75 years in prison when he is sentenced in several weeks.Following the verdict, journalist Drew Hernandez hit the streets of Minneapolis and recorded the reaction of far-left Black Lives Matter activists for the news.

“Yes, we can defund the police,” one BLM supporter shouted. “And maybe one day we will abolish the police, but we ain’t gonna do s**t unless we have control over them. That is the number one thing right now. … We’re not gonna let these pigs in these buildings have any more control over our lives today. That s**t ends today.”

Another BLM supporter called for people to attack “the system” from “every single f***ing angle” and to “go way beyond voting at this point.”

“We need to go way beyond voting at this point,” the BLM supporter said. “We need to be coming out here every single day if that’s what it takes, until we get justice for the people that they murdered a week ago that they’ve already forgotten about. … The only reason once again, that we got this conviction, is because we showed up. And if we don’t keep showing up, and if we don’t change laws, and we don’t attack this system, from every single f***ing angle we can, we will be here again.”

Another BLM supporter said that they are “never gonna be satisfied” and suggested without evidence that what was happening, presumably in the U.S. justice system, constituted a “black genocide.”

“We’re not, we’re never gonna be satisfied,” the BLM supporter said. “Black Lives Matter isn’t a trend. It’s a movement. Black Lives Matter forever, okay? So, we’re not gonna stop just because we’ve got one conviction. We’re happy with the conviction, but we’re gonna keep going. … This is a black genocide. This is more than one case. We’re not satisfied.”

Another BLM supporter said that it was “epic” that the Minneapolis Police Department precinct that Chauvin was based out of “burned to the ground.”

“Derrick Chauvin’s Police Department burned to the ground. So we have to remember, those people are still facing challenges for arson. We have to remember that we just set us up a map once again because that was epic!”

At a gathering of the protesters, they chanted, “Burn it down!”

Another BLM supporter, who self-identified as a “revolutionary,” repeatedly screamed and appeared to urge extreme action in altering the U.S. justice system.


  1. With these comments it proves they are ANARCHISTS and should be labeled as such and dealt with as such.

    1. Another BLM supporter said that they are “never gonna be satisfied” and suggested without evidence that what was happening, presumably in the U.S. justice system, constituted a “black genocide.”

      What a crock of shit!! Black genocide is only being created by the blacks. Most the apes that get killed by the cops are criminals and Floyd was no exception. Funny how they don't give a shit about all the whites killed by cops. More whites are killed by the pigs than any other race but do you see white people out there rioting about it? Hell no. The only whites you see rioting are the white trash rioting for the apes. These jungle apes are using the murder of blacks by cops as a reason to riot because that is what is in their DNA. Burn, Loot, and murder. Apes have no moral authority to complain about cops killing them when they kill more of their own kind every day.

  2. It sounds like they are asking for separation from society. If that's the case we can repurpose Trump's wall and accomplish that for them.

  3. I won't be satisfied until we hear millions of these commies saying, THEY CAN'T BREATH, AND THEN SILENCE.

  4. Communist Scum. That's all they are. Try doing that shit in China, North Korea or Cuba and watch what happens. Once one of the Freest Nations in the World, even Morons can still voice their opinions, but Conservatives get harassed and arrested and accused of inciting riots.

    Western Civilization is under attack and we are doing nothing. The Media is run by Criminals and the Puppet "Journalists" are just script Readers.


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