Trump campaign aide sorry for retweeting video of hate-spewing Texas shopkeeper threatening protesters with chainsaw

Mercedes Schlapp retweeted the video.
Mercedes Schlapp retweeted the video. (Susan Walsh/AP Photo)

A top Trump reelection official apologized Saturday for retweeting a disturbing video of a McAllen, Texas, merchant who wielded a running chainsaw to disperse anti-racism protesters.
Mercedes Schlapp said she didn’t see the entire video and didn’t mean to amplify its hateful message.
“This is a time to heal our nation, not divide,” Schlapp said in a statement, adding that she meant to focus on the supposed hypocrisy of protesters calling for police assistance.
Earlier, Schlapp retweeted a pro-Trump commenter praising shopkeeper Daniel Pena for violently threatening peaceful protesters at a Friday afternoon protest.
“Don’t let these f---ing n----rs out there, fool,” Pena says on the video below (WARNING: graphic language). “Get out of here. Go home.”
A Twitter user with the handle @Texan_MAGA thought Pena’s actions were just fine.
“I’d want this guy with me in a ride or die moment,” he tweeted, adding that he approved because Pena is Hispani
Schlapp, a prominent conservative figure, spent two years working as a strategic communications adviser to President Trump before joining his reelection campaign.
Pena, 44, was later arrested and charged with deadly conduct and assault, the McAllen Monitor newspaper reported.
McAlllen Mayor Jim Darling insisted the “chainsaw man” did not represent the south Texas border city of 140,000 people.
"That is not what we do or who we are!” Darling said in a statement.

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  1. Why is it wrong to hate people who are trying to destroy your life's work>?


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