Supermarket chain Publix won’t budge in allowing employees to wear Black Lives Matter garb at work

Southern supermarket chain Publix is refusing to allow workers to wear Black Lives Matters face masks.
Southern supermarket chain Publix is refusing to allow workers to wear Black Lives Matters face masks. (ShutterStock)

No protesting on company time.
Supermarket chain Publix, with more than 1,200 stores located in Southern states, is refusing to allow its employees to wear Black Lives Matter-themed clothing or face masks, reported the Tampa Bay Times.
Florida teen Quinton Desamours quit his job at a Lehigh Acres, Fla., location after his boss confronted him about his Black Lives Matter mask.

“He said I was putting myself and the rest of the employees in danger and he couldn’t have me out on the floor with that mask on,” said the 18-year-old black man, according to the Fort Myers News-Press.

A Publix representative claimed the decision against Desamours wasn’t personal.

“Our uniform policy does not permit non-Publix messaging on clothing or accessories,” explained chain spokeswoman Maria Brous.

The company does allow for preapproved face coverings, but Black Lives Matter-themed ones don’t make the cut, reported the Times.

“Like you, I’m saddened and unsettled by any racial injustice or events that divide our country,” wrote Publix CEO Todd Jones in a staff letter.

On June 12, Starbucks, which had a similar policy, quickly reversed its stance after a torrent of brand criticism inundated social media.

The coffee store chain, which had refused to allow its workers to sport any Black Lives Matter-related messaging, is currently printing 250,00 Starbucks-branded Black Lives Matter shirts for any employee wishing to wear one, noted the Times.

Lee County, home to the Lehigh Acres Publix, has recorded 2,877 COVID-19 cases, of as of late Tuesday with 132 confirmed deaths, reported health tracker Johns Hopkins University.

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