Illinois man accused of passing out explosives and urging demonstrators to ‘riot’ at George Floyd protests arrested

Matthew Lee Rupert
Matthew Lee Rupert (Knox County Jail)

An Illinois man has been arrested after allegedly recording himself at a protest over the death of George Floyd as he passed out explosives and encouraged demonstrators to riot.
Matthew Lee Rupert, 28, faces a slew of charges including civil disorder, possession of unregistered explosives and participating in and organizing riots in Minneapolis, where 46-year-old Floyd was killed by a police officer on Memorial Day.
Video of the deadly confrontation released online a day later sparked unrest in the Twin Cities and quickly inspired protests nationwide. According to a criminal complaint, Rupert attended such a demonstration in Minneapolis on Friday with the intention of sowing discord.
In a Facebook post written ahead of the event, Rupert wrote: “I’m going to Minneapolis tomorrow who coming only goons I’m renting hotel rooms.” A day later, he shared a cellphone video of himself online that shows him giving out explosive devices to people and then urging participants to chuck them at law enforcement.
He can also be seen damaging property, engaging in arson and looting several businesses, according to the complaint.
“In the video, Rupert passes out explosives he indicates he possessed, encourages others to throw his explosives at law enforcement officers, actively damages property, appears to light a building on fire and loots businesses in Minneapolis,” the complaint says.
“At time stamp 5:11 Rupert stated, ‘we came to riot.'"
Rupert, on Saturday in another Facebook post, said he intended to travel to Chicago and continue looting. He posted additional videos himself on Sunday in the Windy City, where he was arrested later the same day for violating an emergency curfew.
During his arrest, officers discovered several destructive devices, including a hammer, a heavy-duty flashlight and cash in his vehicle, officials said.

Rupert appeared Monday for a hearing in federal court in Chicago, where a judge ordered him transferred to Minnesota to face his charges, according to the Star Tribune.


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  2. could this be even remotely a set up.....a look here what we stopped fbi thing.....complet bullshit....

    1. I doubt it. Since FBI won't even label Antifa a terrorist organization for now.

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  3. Same as FBI boys passing training and explosive to Muslim who had the IQ of a 4 years old.
    These type of cases take some time and effort to find a person with low IQ but doing so suddenly in a crowed of rioters can be exposed. But hay, he is now in CUSTODY and probably studying now how not be noticed next time.

    When Floyd was in police CUSTODY, he died, Will see if this person will have the same faith as Floyd.

    1. Which Flody died? The bald one or ?

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