Cop-attacking U.K. party girls jailed for assault

Millie Robinson (left) and Bayleigh Meadows have been imprisoned for striking cops at a party.
Millie Robinson (left) and Bayleigh Meadows have been imprisoned for striking cops at a party. (Handout)

They were the smash hit at the party and now they’re in the slammer.
Two young female Brits, attendees at an unlawful house party during the coronavirus shutdown, are behind bars for smacking cops.
The party poopers, Bayleigh Meadows and Millie Robinson, each 21, had been boozing while playing loud music on April 8 at a pal’s Eastbourne, England, apartment when two cops arrived at the scene to break up the festivities, reported BBC News.
Court testimony revealed that the officers claimed to have been denied entry before being punched and kicked by the assailants.
One of the cops was reportedly struck with a heavy toilet roll holder by Meadows, according to the BBC.
Robinson, reportedly drunk, repeatedly threatened a female police officer by shouting, “I’ve got coronavirus! Watch out!”
She then became violent as a male cop attempted to arrest her.
Mug shots taken by the Essex Police show the two criminals smirking for the camera.
Meadows was sentenced to one year in the slammer after pleading guilty to one charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm; and Robison received a six-month sentence after a guilty plea to assaulting an emergency worker.
“The verbal and physical abuse our officers were faced with in this situation was absolutely disgraceful,” testified Police Constable Carl Smith. “This happened during the height of the coronavirus lockdown period, when officers were continuing to do their job in challenging circumstances.”
Robinson’s attorney’s mustered up a defense claiming her client felt “extremely isolated” during the shutdown, while Meadows’ lawyer said his client had underlying mental health problems and was unable to recall much of the incident.

The United Kingdom, with its confirmed coronavirus death count of more than 42,000 citizens, trails only No. 1 U.S. and No. 2 Brazil in COVID-19 fatality totals, according to health tracker Johns Hopkins University.

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