Bill Murray’s son arrested at a Black Lives Matter rally

Caleb Murray and his father, Bill Murray. (TPD, Getty)
Caleb Murray and his father, Bill Murray. (TPD, Getty)

Bill Murray’s son Caleb was arrested at a Black Lives Matter protest in Massachusetts, according to MV Times in Martha’s Vineyard.
The 27-year-old Murray was picked up by cops after he allegedly attacked deputies, spit on and bit a police officer and threatened arson.
Also arrested at the Monday rally was 66-year-old Eric Woods, who reportedly taunted demonstrators with racial epithets and punched a teenager.
The protest was otherwise described as peaceful.
Witnesses reportedly became upset when Murray was put in handcuffs while Woods, who is accused of making obscene gestures toward protesters and invoking the N-word, sat in his truck.
When confronted by police, Woods allegedly confessed he’d lost his temper and “swung” at a 19-year-old man, whom he struck in the face. The victim was reportedly seated in his own car when he was punched.
Woods was released on his own recognizance after being charged with battery, assault and disorderly conduct.
Murray was initially accused of breaking one of the windows in Woods’ truck, but that charge was reportedly dropped when authorities decided there was not probable cause the 69-year-old Oscar-nominated actor’s son was the demonstrator who vandalized the vehicle.
Murray reportedly struggled with police after his arrest and used glass from his cell phone to cut himself and an officer while in custody. He also is accused of making threats from his cell.
“At the jail, Murray was overheard by Officer (Edward) St. Pierre saying that once he got out of jail he was going to burn down all the (expletive) buildings,” police claim.
Woods will be arraigned later this month and Murray will go to court at the end of July.

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