Woman killed by alligator was visiting home to do owner’s nails, tried to touch the gator, police say

An alligator (not the one pictured here) killed a woman in South Carolina on Friday.
An alligator (not the one pictured here) killed a woman in South Carolina on Friday.(ShutterStock)

A South Carolina woman killed by an alligator was visiting another woman’s home to do her nails and then tried to touch the gator prior to the attack, police said.

Cynthia Covert, 57, was killed by the gator Friday. But prior to her death, she took a bit too much interest in the animal, the Associated Press reported.

Covert normally operated a salon but made the visit to a regular client’s private Kiawah Island home amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to the AP. After she finished the manicure, Covert spotted the gator and started taking pictures.

The client and her husband, unidentified by police, warned Covert not to get to close to the beast, the AP reported. However, Covert dismissed their concerns that the alligator had recently eaten a deer and walked toward the animal, which was in a pond.

The gator then lunged from about 4 feet away and grabbed Covert, hauling her under the water. The other woman and her husband tossed Covert a rope and tried to help, but the gator was too strong.

Cops arrived and discovered Covert’s body, according the AP. An officer shot and killed the gator when it resurfaced.

Charleston County Coroner’s Office ruled that Covert drowned, despite suffering a serious leg injury.

Covert was the third person in the past four years to be killed by an alligator in South Carolina.

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