Vivica A. Fox channels her ‘gangster side’ for crime thriller ‘Arkansas’

Vivica A. Fox stars in the thriller/dark-comedy, “Arkansas."
Vivica A. Fox stars in the thriller/dark-comedy, “Arkansas."(Courtesy of Lionsgate)

WARNING: This story contains spoilers for the film “Arkansas.”
All’s fair in love and … drug trafficking.
In the crime thriller “Arkansas,” available on demand Tuesday, actress Vivica A. Fox learns that fact first-hand in her role as Her, the love interest of Vince Vaughn’s enigmatic kingpin in charge of a southern U.S. trafficking ring.
“I think that her love for him is definitely what got her into the world of drugs,” Fox, 55, told the Daily News of her quirky and questionable character with the odd name. “Sometimes we do crazy things for love. I have. … I’ve never broken the law or anything like that, but you know, we just do crazy things when you’re attracted to somebody.”
The film centers on a pair of drug dealers, played by Liam Hemsworth and writer-director Clark Duke (in his feature directorial debut), whose under-the-radar lives take a quick and steadily violent turn.
From left, Clark Duke is pictured as Swin and Liam Hemsworth as Kyle in the thriller/dark comedy, “Arkansas."
From left, Clark Duke is pictured as Swin and Liam Hemsworth as Kyle in the thriller/dark comedy, “Arkansas."(Courtesy of Lionsgate)
As Her, it’s often hard to determine whether Fox is truly Vaughn’s sidekick or the head honcho, but she’s memorable nonetheless.
“She helped the drug transactions go through … I got in touch a little bit of like my gangster side of myself, so to say,” Fox laughed. “How about the first time that you actually see her? She’s in this robe with these rollers in her hair, with the sponges, like she had all of these weird nuances that you just kind of went, ‘What’s that about?’”
Playing an exercise ball-wielding trafficking cohort isn’t the only time the “Kill Bill” actress has found herself in unfamiliar territory.
Last month, Fox launched her new podcast, “Hustling with Vivica A. Fox,” which came out of her short-lived daytime talk show, “Face the Truth.”
With the podcast, the warm and bubbly Fox is excited to step into a refreshingly “uncensored and unfiltered” world. And now that coronavirus has left most people homebound — and scrapped the May 1 theatrical release date for “Arkansas” — that’s a new world unto itself.

“We’re dropping secrets of success and how I became Miss Vivica A. Fox,” she said about the project.

But the “Empire” actress’ eagerness to forge her way in the audio realm doesn’t mean she’d ever turn down a chance to reprise one of her most beloved roles: Loretta Black on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

The Black family — including Loretta’s two kids, aunt and brother Leon (JB Smoove) — entered the hit HBO series in the season six premiere.

Over the course of 11 episodes, Fox and Larry David’s characters struck up a relationship, following his separation from wife Cheryl, and it all ends with, what else, “Vehicular Fellatio.”

Asked whether she’d ever revisit the role, Fox said she’d “love to come back. Are you kidding me?"

“Can I tell you, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ changed my life, because people saw me real and raw,” said Fox, who nabbed an NAACP Image Award nomination for the role. “So now that I got this podcast that’s real and raw, yeah I’d be ready to go back and give L.D. a hard time … The good thing about L.D. is that he decides when he wants to work again. So he might bring his little chocolate blast from the past back.”

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