Vegas couple stole $13 million from Medicaid and spent it on jet-setting lifestyle, feds say

Tim and Latisha Harron enjoy a nice steak dinner, courtesy of the North Carolina Medicaid Program.
Tim and Latisha Harron enjoy a nice steak dinner, courtesy of the North Carolina Medicaid Program.(Instagram)

They didn’t know when to fold 'em, and the FBI made sure they didn’t walk away.
A Las Vegas couple was indicted May 19 and charged with $13 million Medicaid fraud, the Justice Department announced in a press release Wednesday.
Latisha Harron and her husband Tim turned that $13 million meant for poor, sick North Carolina residents into a private jet, jewelry, gym equipment and more, according to the feds.
The FBI didn’t have to look far for what the Harrons spent their money on, as Tim chronicled their luxury lifestyle on his Instagram page. He averaged about a post per week until evidently something changed 12 weeks ago.
The scheme, which is not funny as a man posting his own quotes like they’re words of wisdom, began back in 2010, according to the release.
Latisha Harron, who had not yet married Tim and whose name was Latisha Holt at the time, created a fake health provider, Agape Healthcare Systems, the feds said. She was living in North Carolina and billed the NC Medicaid Program for health care services that never happened.
In 2017 she moved to Vegas and married Tim Harron in 2018 as the two went into “business” together, eventually expanding the fraud, the feds said. The Harrons stole $10 million between 2017 and 2019.
The FBI said the Harrons would look up recent deaths in North Carolina nursing homes and see if recently deceased people had been eligible for Medicaid. They’d then “back-bill” NC Medicaid for up to a year’s worth of nonexistent services prior to death.
Tim Harron perhaps put it best in one of his Instagram quotes:
“I’m not doing a business that’s new, I’m doing a new way of doing business!”

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