Conservative talk-radio host Dennis Prager bemoans loss of racial slurs, gets history lesson

Dennis Prager speaks during Politicon in 2017 in Pasadena, Calif.
Dennis Prager speaks during Politicon in 2017 in Pasadena, Calif.(Joshua Blanchard)

Conservative firebrand Dennis Prager has taken a break from pushing hydroxychloroquine and calling lockdowns “the greatest mistake” in history to rail against the loss of racist language.

The Brooklyn-born star of the right-wing Salem Radio Network reportedly complained this week that society has evolved away from using offensive slurs coined during eras of slavery and segregation.

“How many names have Blacks gone through in my lifetime?...What was wrong with Negro? What was wrong with colored? None of them, there’s no problem with any of them,” Prager said in a clip from his radio show posted on Twitter by Media Matters researcher Jason Campbell.

Prager got his answers in a wave of comments to the post.

“It’s like conservatives don’t consider the history of anything and lack basic empathy for those experiences,” Twitter user @keyliebug posted.

“Sir, you dropped your hood!” another posted.

“As a black woman, I often wonder why we live in the heads of white people like this. Then moms & granny constantly remind me that the folks who terrorized them back in the day are still very much alive today. Did he go through the names for white folks?” read a post from @TweetyFreedom.

This isn’t the first time Prager, 71, has bemoaned the backlash on racial slurs.

“It is idiotic that you cannot say the N-word,” he said on his show in February, according to Media Matters.

The cigar-champing right winger who opposed marriage equality was lambasted last month when he called the coronavirus lockdowns the “greatest mistake in the history of humanity" in a Twitter post.

He’s made clear on his website his “2020 budget is at risk.”

He also had to cancel a cruise he was due to headline in June. He’s now selling tickets for a rescheduled European cruise in early September.

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