22-year-old Chicago mother dies of coronavirus after weeks on ventilator

Nyla Moore
Nyla Moore(Facebook)

A young Chicago mother who spent weeks on a ventilator due to coronavirus has died.

Nyla Moore, 22, an aspiring teacher, was ventilated and sedated for 22 days before she died at Rush University Medical Center last Friday, her mother, Chicago city worker Nikki Collins-Moore told ABC News on Thursday.

Moore had an asthma attack around April 10 and subsequently tested positive for the virus. Given that she had no prior health issues nor common symptoms of COVID-19, Moore’s mother believes the asthma was responsible for her breathing troubles.

The youngest of six children, Moore was mother to 2-year-old son Eric, who will be looked after by his dad as well as Moore’s mother and father — also a city worker.

Though Eric is “too young to know” about his mother’s tragic death, Collins-Moore is confident the toddler “feels it."

“His spunk has left a little bit," she said.

African-Americans, who only make up 32% of the city’s population, have accounted for 72% of the city’s coronavirus deaths, ABC News reported, noting a trend common across the U.S.

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