SEE IT: Dozens flout coronavirus social distancing to attend Brooklyn outdoor funeral

Dozens of mourners in surgical masks crowded a Brooklyn street corner for a funeral, flouting the city’s orders to maintain social distancing as the coronavirus pandemic worsens, startling video making the rounds on social media shows.
The 19-second video shows scores of Orthodox Jewish men carrying a wooden coffin past the corner of Avenue N and E. 9th St. in Borough Park Wednesday morning. The funeral was for a 101-year-old rabbi who held services at a synagogue near the corner.
The video caused a firestorm on social media.
“This is absurd seeing as this goes against all the #coronavirus rules & it will lead to more deaths,” one London Twitter user under the handle DiaryOTDGirl wrote as she shared the video. “There have been enough Orthodox Jewish deaths as it is. When is enough enough?”
“Why would you encourage gathering and risk the spread of COVID to health care workers,” another Twitter user wrote.
Mourners held the brief funeral, holding up traffic, without alerting the police or city officials, an NYPD spokeswoman said.
“No notifications were made to the 66th Precinct,” the spokeswoman said. “We became aware of it via a 311 call and responded. By that time, it was over and the remainder of the crowd was dispersed.”
No arrests were made nor were any summonses issued, the NYPD spokeswoman said.

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