NYC may be closer to ‘normal’ by September after coronavirus restrictions eased, de Blasio says


New York City may not return to “something like normal” for at least four months as coronavirus restrictions are gradually lifted and eased, Mayor de Blasio said Wednesday.
“By September, then we are hopeful we can be back to something more like normal,” de Blasio said on Fox News. “But the way we get there is with that smart, cautious approach.”
Hizzoner said California’s plan to reopen is “right on track.”
The state plans to gradually reopen parts of the economy with some restrictions, like fewer tables at restaurants and waiters wearing gloves and masks. California Gov. Gavin Newsom said thermometers, masks and other protective gear will be common in public spaces and schools may stagger arrival times. Large gatherings are “not in the cards,” Newsom said Tuesday.
“Every place is going to be different according to our reality,” de Blasio said on CNN.
“In this case, I’ll call myself a conservative,” he added on Fox News. “We have to be smart about doing it in stages, making sure that we can confirm that we’re containing the disease more and more.”

New York City still needs to dramatically ramp up testing for coronavirus so that cases can be tracked and contained, de Blasio said.

“What I would hate to see is … jumping too soon in May or June the wrong way, having that boomerang effect, the disease comes back, then you’re delaying, well into the year, anything like normalcy,” he said.

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