Flight attendants union urges FAA, DOT to ‘halt all leisure travel’ amid coronavirus


The United States’ largest union for flight attendants is calling for all leisure travel to stop until the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed tens of thousands and infected over a million worldwide, is under control.
On Monday, Sara Nelson, the International President of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, addressed the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration to administer advisories for the public “to halt all leisure travel,” HuffPost reports.
“We’re calling on a coordinated government response, we’re calling on all our airlines, and we’re also calling for leadership from DOT and FAA on advising the public that we do not need any leisure travel right now,” Nelson urged during a phone call with the media, organized by the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), the nation’s largest federation of unions.
Nelson pointed to troubles with both personal protective equipment and supply chains “where our airlines are actually not able to get the supplies to get on our planes."
The plea comes on the heels of a video that emerged last week, and no longer appears on YouTube, in which a Delta Air Lines executive told pilots not to reveal positive coronavirus diagnoses to their colleagues, including flight attendants, HuffPost reported.
Like many industries, the travel industry is suffering greatly amid the pandemic, not least because so many states and countries are barring entry to non-citizens. In early March, the State Department told the public to avoid traveling by cruise.
For industry workers, “as they’re going to work they are being exposed,” National Air Traffic Controllers Association President Paul Rinaldi told the outlet.
Nelson said that over 100 flight attendants had so far tested positive for coronavirus, which causes the potentially deadly illness COVID-19, and at least one has died.
As of Monday, over 75 FAA workers from 30 air traffic control centers in Houston, Las Vegas, New York — the U.S. epicenter of the virus — and Orlando have the virus, said Rinaldi.
At the time of publication, over 1.3 million coronavirus cases and over 76,000 deaths were confirmed worldwide, according to a running tally by Johns Hopkins University & Medicine’s Coronavirus Resource Center.

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  1. This was the biggest HOAX ever perpetrated on humanity and those responsible for causing this havoc MUST be held accountable! Only sheeple will believe this utterly ridiculous article. The numbers are made up as they go along. WAKE UP!


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