Baseball games, large sporting events months away as NYC battles coronavirus: Mayor de Blasio

Yankee stadium

Don’t take NYC out to the ballgame – and especially don’t take NYC out with the crowd.
Unapologetic Red Sox fan Mayor de Blasio said large sporting events like baseball games at Yankee Stadium are unlikely to happen in New York City for months until the spread of coronavirus can be contained.
“It’s going to be a while,” de Blasio said on CNN Wednesday. “I think we all are missing sports, everyone who is a fan is missing it deeply, but that’s again exactly the point, if we move to quick, we put 50,000 people in Yankee Stadium, and that’s part of why you see a resurgence of the disease, that would be the worst of all worlds.”
Baseball games, Hizzoner added, would be “later in the trajectory” when facets of city society begin to reopen in the coming months after the number of new cases and hospitalizations begins to subside.
“We have to first prove that we can contain this disease,” de Blasio said.
The mayor added that the city can’t allow baseball games or events with other large crowds until individual cases of coronavirus can be tracked, with all contacts of those infected traced and anyone exposed isolated and quarantined.
“That’s months away, to begin with,” he said. “You can’t have sporting events and big crowds until you can prove that you’ve brought this disease down to something very limited and you’re holding there…one false move…we will regret it, we got one chance.”

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