93-year-old woman with ‘I Need More Beer’ sign receives 150 cans from Coors Light amid coronavirus pandemic

Olive Veronesi and her sign went viral recently.

She doesn't need more beer anymore!
A 93-year-old woman who went viral for holding a sign that reads “I Need More Beer” as she quarantines at home during the coronavirus pandemic received a shipment of 150 cans from Coors Light on Monday, according to The Action Network.
A photo showing Olive Veronesi of the Pittsburgh area holding the sign in one hand and a Coors Light in the other garnered widespread attention recently after being shared by a relative and by local news station KDKA.
A new image tweeted by Darren Rovell of The Action Network on Monday shows Veronesi holding a fresh sign that reads “Got More Beer,” while another image shows her enjoying a Coors Light.
Veronesi told KDKA last week that she has a beer every night.
“Something to relax, you know? I think it’s nice. Something for a young lady," she told the TV station, pointing to herself with a smile.

Some people sent some beer to Veronesi after the photo went viral.

On Sunday, Coors Light promised to deliver as well.

“Olive asked, and beer is on its way!” the beer company tweeted.

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  1. Why not give the old gal something that's good for her like Diet Coke instead that will fry her already addled brain.....with ant poison. Beer? Ha she's already fried on horse piss...


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