This 1970s Time Capsule Home For Sale In California Is Entirely Lime Green

Lime green is a good color, for a lime. Or a key lime pie. Or lime sherbet or limeade. The lime green condo of Ramona, California, might cure you of limes for life. The intense citrus greens that coat the interior of this recently-sold residence probably seemed like a really groovy idea at the time. But now...?
The house to scrambled your color vision (Nancy Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway)
Bell bottoms, pet rocks, mood rings, and leisure suits all came from the sexy ‘70s. The era that made shag carpeting, disco music, and water beds all the rage, enjoyed a home aesthetic that will blow just about anyone’s hair back. Wood paneling, linoleum floors and vinyl table cloths really set the mood for key parties or just a good ole fashioned boogie down. Naturally, as time moves on, tastes change and decor evolves to fit our ever-changing ethos. However, for one Ramona, California home, the ‘70’s never left.

Care For Some Lime With Your Home?

The greenest counter top you'll ever see (Nancy Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway)
The listing for this 1,800 square foot California home astutely reads “MUST love green or bring your paint brush.” Quite frankly, even Kermit the Frog might think this monochromatic interior goes a bit far. But, if you grew up in a time when all a party needed was an 8 track, some blacklights, and a few ladies rocking in hot pants, perhaps the decor of this particular house fits your eye.

A Blast From the Monochromatic Past

Jungle fun? (Nancy Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway)
As realtor Nancy Maranan boasts, “Everything is vintage—even the magazine on the coffee table is 30 years old. It’s a true time capsule.” Obviously, whoever decorated this house lived the ‘70s as it should have been lived: completely wild. Every inch of the house’s floor is covered in quintessential ‘70s shag carpeting so thick a small pet may get lost in its jungly mat. Few flooring options can provide a cushiony comfort more suited for laying about, lounging, or sex: the three most vitally important tasks of the ‘70s. 

Spiral Staircase To Heaven

The slowest stairway to heaven (Nancy Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway)
After the key party winds down, the laziest spiral staircase in history, complete with lime railing offers its guests sure footing to stumble their way back to their lofty love nest. The ’70s were a time of contrast or contradiction, depending on your perspective. Drab earthy tones fought with campy colors for wall space.
In the case of Kermit’s California abode, the beige of the couches, coffee tables, and cabinets actually gives the home a nice contrast. It also amazingly accentuates the power lime, if that even possible. Kirsty Hislop and Dominic Lutyens in ’70s Style And Design described the decade’s decor as “playful embellishment and radical experimentation with form.” That’s one way to explain green accents on cabinets and “an avocado-hued wall clock.”

The $375,000 Three Bedroom Time Capsule

Get your groovy on (Nancy Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway)
For those who wish that go-go boots, flower power, and sideburns were still hot, there may not be a house more suited to those particular predilections. In an era where “style and the individualistic ethos of fashion design became the guiding principles,” this house defines individualism to a stark, lime green degree. 
Just walking passed the ivy motif wallpaper of one of the bedrooms into the antique plaid powered sitting room might give you an acid flashback. The combination of hippie, nature-loving overtones melds in a perfect ‘70s sort of way with the high tech plastics and terracotta tilings. The house exudes an “open plan living” ambiance, ideal for large numbers of people to recover on the shag carpeting after the debaucherous twister party. 

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