24 Photos Show Canadian Cowboys from 1883 to 1926

Southern Alberta was, and remains, a ranching country, with a number of acres of grasslands supplying pasture for hungry cattle. Several ranches were set up in the province starting in the 1880s, and cowboys were employed to tend to the cattle, horses, and other livestock.
In the spring, the animals were branded. Then huge round-ups happen in the fall. The cowboys took shelter in bunk-houses and tents, ate chuckwagon grub, were adept horsemen (a few even joined the rodeo circuit), and spent most of their lives in the saddle.
Delight in this few cowboy photographs, from the late 19th to early 20th centuries.
Calgary Cowboys, Alberta, 1883
Candian Cowboy 1
Group at Medicine Hat, Alberta, 1885
Candian Cowboy 2
A lad in his cowboy outfit, 1888
Candian Cowboy 3
Branding at the OH Ranch corrals, near High River, Alberta, 1892
Candian Cowboy 4
'Bachelor's Hall', interior view of a bunkhouse on a Southern Alberta ranch, 1894
Candian Cowboy 5
Roping a heifer for spaying on ranch, Maple Creek area, Saskatchewan, 1897
Candian Cowboy 6
Bruce and Jim Hunter in homestead shack, Dog Pound area, Alberta, 1897
Candian Cowboy 7
Cowboys stretching a steer at round-up, Maple Creek area, Saskatchewan, 1897
Candian Cowboy 8
Bar U Ranch cowboys, general round-up, southern Alberta, May 31, 1901.
Candian Cowboy 9
Bar U Ranch cowboys, general round-up, southern Alberta, May 31, 1901
Candian Cowboy 10
Cowboy riding a bucking bronco on Billy Cochrane's CC Ranch, Mosquito Creek, Alberta, 1901
Candian Cowboy 11
Riders of southern Alberta round-up, 1901
Candian Cowboy 12
Branding at Brown Ranch, Queenstown, Alberta, 1900-03
Candian Cowboy 13
Bar U Ranch group on round-up, Pekisko, Alberta, 1900-05
Candian Cowboy 14
Last Bow River Ranche cattle round-up, near Cochrane, Alberta, 1905-06
Candian Cowboy 15
Cowboy Clem Gardner wearing chaps, Pirmez Creek, Alberta, 1906
Candian Cowboy 16
Man doing laundry outside cabin, Longview, Alberta, 1907
Candian Cowboy 17
Sarcee boys in hats, Calgary, Alberta, 1912
Candian Cowboy 18
Tom Three Persons, blood cowboy, September 1912
Candian Cowboy 19
Cowboy with horse and dog on top of Burgess Pass, British Columbia, 1914
Candian Cowboy 20
Cowboys on Fred Andrews bunk, bunkhouse, Bar U ranch, Pekisko, Alberta, 1917
Candian Cowboy 21
Wild horse round-up, Hussar, Alberta, 1919
Candian Cowboy 22
Group on street at Gleichen, Alberta, 1920-21
Candian Cowboy 23
Cowboy having meal during cattle round-up drive, 1926
Candian Cowboy 24

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