'Trying to work out how to use Twitter after Insta goes down': Social media fans flock in their thousands to the platform after huge 11 HOUR outage hit Instagram, Facebook AND Whatsapp (but it is FINALLY fixed)

  • WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook were out last night for around 11 hours 
  • Users have mercilessly mocked Instagram, WhatsApp and parent, Facebook 
  • Facebook has released a statement saying it ha snow been 'resolved' 
  • They apologised for the inconvenience and say services are back at 100%   
Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook users flocked to Twitter to vent their frustration at the huge 11-hour triple-platform outage.
The three sites were malfunctioning throughout most of the day and into the night as the company said that it was trying to resolve the issue and it triggered a deluge of GIFs, tweets and memes.
Many users poked fun at the sites, following the most recent outage which comes after a string of recent technical issues on the three platforms in the last year.
Although Facebook claims it is 'back at 100% for everyone', panicked users are still using yesterday's issue to troll the Facebook-owned apps.
The outage is believed to be linked as Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp, and the three share systems across apps.
Facebook blamed the outage on an error triggered by 'routine maintenance' - but refused to comment further. 
Social media users have mercilessly mocked Instagram, WhatsApp, and their parent company Facebook after all stopped working yesterday
At around 9 am ET, users started to report that they were experiencing problems primarily affecting photos, including uploads, stories, and posts in the News Feed. 
One user tweeted: 'Tried sending a picture on WhatsApp, didn't work. Then went onto Facebook messenger, also didn't work. 
'Finally Instagram DM, again didn't work. The problem when one company owns everything.' 
Facebook claims it is 'back at 100% for everyone' after a mass outage saw worldwide connectivity issues plague its entire family of apps yesterday for 11 hours
Another user wrote: 'Twitter rn being the only social media that got their sh*t together'
One joked: 'Instagram is down about as often as McDonald’s ice cream machine at this point #instagramdown.' 
Facebook first acknowledged the issue around noon (ET) in a brief statement on Twitter, saying it was aware and 'working to get things back to normal.'
It later revealed it fixed the problems around 8pm ET. 
Even the Central Intelligence Agency, or the CIA, poked fun at the outage which affected thousands of people
Safwan Ahmed Mia wrote: 'Tried sending a picture on WhatsApp, didn't work. Then went onto Facebook messenger, also didn't work. Finally Instagram DM, again didn't work. The problem when one company owns everything'
Ellerie wrote: Instagram is down about as often as McDonald’s ice cream machine at this point #instagramdown
Hours later it elaborated somewhat in a statement to Reuters, saying an internal problem was to blame.
'During one of our routine maintenance operations, we triggered an issue that is making it difficult for some people to upload or send photos and videos,' Facebook said Wednesday afternoon.  
Those in the UK, US and Europe appear to be hardest hit, though reports have come in from further afield as well, including Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Mexico, The Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and Uruguay. 
In lieu of pictures, the sites showed the associated image tags.
The blip essentially meant users received a glimpse at exactly how Facebook sees your life, down to your hobbies, pets, and scenic snaps.
Both Instagram and Facebook have been displaying image tags all day since the outage hit early Wednesday morning.
This is based solely on its object recognition system, meaning the labels are assigned whether or not you’ve added your own description.
In many cases, the machine learning tool appears spot on.
For a MailOnline reporter, both Facebook and Instagram’s tags paint a picture of a user who mostly posts ‘outdoor, water and nature,’ ‘plant and food,’ and ‘cat’ pictures, along with shots including ‘one or more people.’
Most tags appear accurate at a glance (though it apparently struggles to differentiate between cats and ferrets). 
The mass outage is likely to be linked as Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp, and the three share systems across apps. Instagram was hardest hit with a peak of complaints at nearly 15,000 separate reports on outage-tracker site downdetector
Facebook experienced issues with its service at precisely the same time as Instagram, with 7,656 reports the peak of complaints
WhatsApp, which is owned by the Facebook group, also had issues. Messages and pictures would not send on the app. it appears all three platforms are now fully operational again
Frustrated users flooded to Twitter - which was fully working throughout the outage of its rival - to vent their anger. 
'We're aware that some people and businesses are currently having trouble uploading or sending images, videos and other files on our apps,' a Facebook spokesman said initially after reports of the outage began to pile in.
'We're working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.'  
The numbers have continued to grow ever since.   
Bemused and confused users took to social media to bemoan the outage and ask if others were experiencing any difficulty getting online.  
Briana said: 'Dear Instagram PLEASE FIX YOUR APP. Your news feed is almost always down. 
'Please do some major maintenance and fix all your problems!!! UPGRADE YOUR SERVERS TOO!!! - Yours truly one pissed off Instagrammer.'
Eric Norton, from Daytona Beach, Florida, said: 'It's going to be one of those days again. #FacebookDown #InstagramDown Guess it's back to living real life instead...'  
Even celebrities got in on the madness as complaints poured across Twitter in the wake of the Facebook outage. Mariah Carey shared a gif poking fun at the outage
Facebook has experienced a number of outages affecting one or more of its apps - Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.
As the servers dealing with all three share information, it is increasingly likely that an issue affecting one Facebook service will also hit others.
In the early weeks of June, Instagram was hit with an outage that affected users around the world and lasted for several hours. 
Just days before that, Instagram was hit by a separate outage that left users unable to access their feed, post photos and or view direct messages in the app.
In March, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp were hit by one of the worst outages in the social media giant's history, when all three services were down at the same time for more than 14 hours.  

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