Oddly Beautiful X-Rays Of Women Wearing Corsets In 1908

In 1908, Doctor O’Followell’s Le Corset (The Corset) explored and showcased through x-rays, the nasty things corsets can do on a woman's body.
These make me wince.
1908 corseted women

1908 corseted women 2

While others believe the images are just regular x-rays of women’s torsos with the corset painted on afterwards, many still agree that these x-rays are as real as the harmful health consequences corsets caused women.
1908 corseted women 3

Compression and liver deformation cause by wearing a corset
1908 corseted women 5

1908 corseted women 4

Fig. 25. - Thorax of a woman without corset / Fig. 26. - Thorax of a woman with corset
1908 corseted women 6

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  1. Chicks still damage themselves for the sake of vanity. High heels comes to mind. They also waste a lot of time to cast the illusion on something they're not with toxic makeup. I personally don't play those stupid games. With me, what you see is what you get. I have better things to do with my time than modify my being for the sake of looking 'better' to people I'm not even interested in, not that I'm worth a second look; anyway. I'm pretty average, and quite frankly; that's the way I like it. Looking too good can be a liability, in that everyone wants to own you.


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