World War I Battlefields, 100 Years Later

Fields of Battle—Lands of Peace 14-18 is a 7-year project of photojournalist Michael St Maur Sheil. The series combines a passion for history and landscape and presents a unique reflection on the transformation of the battlefields of World War One into the landscape of modern Europe.
Michael hopes his collection creates awareness and understanding of the events and historical implications of the Great War.

1. Newfoundland Memorial Park, Beaumont-Hamel, France


2. Ouvrage du Thiamont Battlefield, Verdun, France


3. Lochnagar Crater, Somme, France


4. Butte de Vauquois, Argonne, France


5. St Symphorien Cemetery, Hainaut, Belgium


6. View from Cavernes des Dragons southwards over La Vallee Foulon towards French positions


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