War Veteran Wept After This Was Found In A Thrift Store 70 Years Later

Bill Moore is a father and a war hero. He had witnessed the unimaginable horrors of war, but nothing could prepare him for what a woman stumbled upon in the sleeve of a record in a thrift store. It was the heartfelt love letter he penned during World War II to Bernadean Gibson.
Bill, now age 90, looks back at the words he wrote 70 years ago.
I was really surprised, I had no way of knowing it would show up in the way it did, and it would actually reach me.
My darling, lovable, alluring Bernadean, I ran out of space, but I could have written a lot more adjectives describing you. You are so lovely, darling, that I often wonder how it is possible that you are mine.
The letter, dated December 29, 1944, was found in a thrift store in Colorado by Ilene Ortiz, who sets out to get it back to its rightful owner. She contacted ABC affiliate KMGH for help in finding the writer of the letter, or the recipient. “I’m really the luckiest guy in the world, you know,” the letter continues, “and you are the reason.”
Moore was filmed by ABC News as he read back the love letter he wrote when he was 20 years old...

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  1. He wrote love letters, while killing innocent people. The people killed never had a chance to write anything, they were murdered and left to rot. No so called "American" has ever had to defend their nation or their people, all they have ever done is kill other people, their own people, the innocent people in the world and expect a hero's welcome - come on.
    All they have did they did for the filthy rich, so the filthy rich could get richer, humans poorer and, fewer. Legalizing murder by calling it war, a phony war, does nothing to change the reality of –murder. Mass murder, on a scale never matched in all of history. The destruction to all the living Earth, a horrible, terrible thing, so we all should be ashamed and weep for the life, not just human life, the horrible, terrible murder, of the “wild life” - the birds, the dogs and cats, the insects, such a tragedy we will never overcome the effects of it. So, we all will die, knowing exactly, what we have done.
    These veterans should be ashamed, they murdered innocent people, invaded the lands of other people, made life for innocent people so much harder, destroyed civilizations, the constructions of people, who only wanted, to be left alone.
    For the Parasites, only, every veteran murdered the innocent, and, like the parasites they prospered personally for the murders they committed.
    So today, as we know the Parasites have made their service, the veterans service, a thing to scorn. So the Parasites, leave their veterans, to suffer homelessness, hunger, thirst, humiliation even as the Parasites reward the criminals, the illegals, the very kinds of people the "veterans" were sent to murder in the first place. So the victims, get free rent, free health care, food stamps and other goodies. Like a slap in the face of the so called veterans, the Parasites have turned their backs on these "veterans" and went chasing after foreigners.
    So, Mr. Veteran, what was your "service" really worth, what are you really worth, do you see now, you were the fool, you are the murderer, you should be ashamed and hide your face?


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