The Legendary and Heroic Story of Green Beret Sergeant Roy Benavidez

It was supposed to be a simple recon mission. A small team of ultra-elite asskicking American Green Berets, infiltrating deep into the thick jungles several miles beyond the Cambodian border on a super-classified stealth mission to gather information on North Vietnamese Army troop movements. But when the evac choppers limped back to base looking like they'd just been run through a gigantic, helicopter-sized microwave, it was obvious that things hadn't gone all that smoothly for the men of the 1st Special Forces.

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  1. I, just have to ask: WHAT WERE THEY DOING THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Killing innocent people, destroying the animals, the trees, the flowers, leaving the land desolate, WHAT WERE THEY DOING THERE?!
    Oh, that's right, doing the bidding of the District of Columbia, poop in their pants, Politicians and Judges, who get their orders from the Banking God, Rothschild, and, make a lot of 'dollars,' millions, of dollars, doing what they are told to do, human life, means nothing at all to them. So themselves and their snooty nosed children can rule over us forever, if, the Rothschild Family allows it. And they, the Banker's Family, will allow it, because, hey, killing innocent people, is no sweat to these murderers and they know -THERE ARE NO GODS.
    Us citizens, might as well get used to it, nothing can change it, nothing can help us, nothing will help us, because, if anything tried it would be blackmailed, bought off, or killed. Notice, I, said "citizens," us citizens, have never been people to those who are the ruling class. The ruling class of filthy rich scum bags running things, we have always been citizens. Citizens, since the very beginning.
    Citizens, have no Laws to protect them from ‘we, the people,’ citizens, have no rights to help them get through life in one piece, without being ripped off by one of the "people" who are the Esquires in our world, and, who hold the keys to our chains of bondage.
    Citizens, cannot own property, citizens have no place in their Courts of Law, except, to be found guilty and punished. Citizens, are voiceless, worthless, and, helpless, welcome my fellow and lady, I, am a citizen too. So who were these killers of innocence over there in that foreign land, they were CITIZENS! For that reason, since I am one of them and an Elder, I, demand to know, WHAT WERE YOU DOING OVER THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!
    You see, those who are WE, THE PEOPLE, descendants of the “Creators” they think themselves to be, Crypto gods, they wish to be, and, since there are no Gods who or what can challenge them? These, who were/are from the beginning, the only people on Earth. No, they will never say that to you, they will never allow you to question them, these are above the Law and so, all over the Earth, the blood of Innocent Citizens fills the ditches and the holes. Holes, made by their bombs, dead by the bullets they use to kill us, left to rot by the other citizens who can only think to -run and hide.
    Well, that’s about it. Still, I deny any man or woman involved in killing the innocent any respect at all, in fact I despise them intensely, they murder the innocent they say because they are told to do so, in –Wars. Rothschild’s wars, and, don’t think all of us citizens, all over the Earth, are not at war right now. At war with each other, made to hate each other, the “people” laughing all the way to their mansions nestled in their flowered and gated communities.
    Citizens, we have been conned into doing Rothschild’s World War Three, if we don’t stop now, we will all die.


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