A Teenage Girl Sang The McDonald's Song In The Drive-Thru And It Went Viral

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We probably all can remember times driving around with friends in high school, piled in the car, and goofing off. It more often than not led to getting food, because where else does a car full of sixteen-year-olds go??
When Cecily Hennigan sang the "McDonald's Drive-Thru Song" at a local McDonald's in South Carolina, she and the friends who filmed her probably didn't anticipate getting more than a few LOLs on Facebook. The video, which Cecily posted on Wednesday, has 309 comments, 2,400 shares, and 113,000 views.
YouTube star Todrick Hall is behind "McDonald's Drive-Thru Song," with lyrics such as, "I want a number six super-size with the Sprite and large fries, mustard ketchup only please but don't you forget the cheese."
Cecily and her pals giggle in the video, but she really has a great voice! The McDonald's employee even says at the end, "that was good." See for yourself!

So cool! Cecily is a rising junior in high school, according to The State. She posted another video on her Facebook, explaining that the drive-thru performance was a spur-of-the-moment decision, but she's wanted to sing it since memorizing the words from Todrick Hall's song.
She wraps up the video by saying that she hopes viewers enjoy it, and continue to share, like, and comment on it. "Because I want to go onto 'Ellen,' if I can. So just go do that. Thanks," Cecily says.
This seems like it would be right up Ellen's alley ... maybe I should start singing in the drive-thru. Good luck, Cecily! We raise our McFlurries to you!
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