They Tried To Set The Record For Biggest Orgy Ever — Things Didn’t Go As Planned

Green Door Las Vegas

Organizers of the Las Vegas event aimed to surpass the 500-person orgy record set in Japan in 2006, but some last-minute changes caused things to get out of hand.

The Green Door swingers club in Las Vegas was all set to host the world’s largest orgy of all time. More than 1,000 people had registered, hundreds more than would be needed to break the previous record. But they didn’t quite get the turnout they were hoping for.

When the orgy actually came to pass on June 2, only about 375 people showed up, according to Las Vegas Weekly. This mark stands well below the approximately 500 people that participated in the 2006 Japanese orgy that still holds the record for largest ever.

Hosted by Menage Life (a platform dedicated to helping “sexually free people,” in their own words, find events and information to suit their lifestyle), the orgy was the main event of the five-day adults-only Sin City 8 festival dedicated to sex parties and workshops that began on May 30.

As the orgy date approached, the organizers were optimistic that their event would break the record. “We will blow that number out of the water,” Menage Life said in May. “This is Sin City after all.”

Condoms At The Green Door

And they made sure to pull out all the stops: Participants received free condoms, lubricant, towels, and hand sanitizer. Party masks were offered to people who wanted to remain anonymous. Meanwhile, those who wanted to join had to purchase a Sin City 8 pass, and only couples and single women were allowed.

Despite such preparations and organization, Guinness World Records confirmed that they wouldn’t be sending an adjudicator to the event. And it turns out their would have been no need for them to be there anyway.

As to why the number of participants fell so short of expectations, Sin City 8 sources say it has to do with two last-minute venue changes. The orgy was initially slated to be held at the Embassy Suites in Las Vegas, but the hotel got cold feet and rescinded their contract.

“When we became fully aware of the nature of the functions intended to be held at the hotel, we advised the group that the events were not consistent with the standards and environment we support and consequently will not be permitted to take place at our property,” the Embassy Suites said in a statement.

The orgy was then scheduled to happen at the Erotic Heritage Museum, but pressure from local officials caused the second venue to bail as well. The organizers were then able to secure the Green Door as a venue just hours before the event was to take place.

Green Door Interior

Although last-minute venue changes and a less-than-record-breaking turnout put a damper on things, the organizers remained positive after the fact.

“We didn’t beat the world record, but we were still able to host an amazing event, considering the circumstances our team had to overcome,” a post-orgy press release from Menage Life stated.

And they’re not giving up on the record. Menage Life confirmed on June 10 that they are planning to have another go at it and that they are looking “forward to beating the record next year at Sin City 9.” That event is scheduled to take place from May 29 to June 2, 2019. Better luck next year.

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