Melania Trump Reappears After Mysterious, Prolonged Absence

Twenty-five days after her last public appearance — and weeks of Carmen Sandiego–esque guesses on her whereabouts — Melania Trump finally reemerged on Monday night during an event honoring Gold Star families at the White House. The event was technically closed to the press (even though some reporters were in attendance), but to prove that she was actually there, the First Lady shared images of herself sitting in the audience.However, Melania hadn’t reappeared following her hospitalization — until now — and conspiracy theories about her disappearance were popping up all over social media. It was particularly odd that she was not attending this week’s G7 Summit in Quebec, which she made it to last year, and that she was also skipping a trip with her husband to Singapore for a meeting with Kim Jong-un next week.
So, how did Melania seem during the Monday night event, her first public appearance in nearly a month? Who knows! All we’ve been told is that she apparently looked great. Per CBS News:
“She looked beautiful,” said retired Sgt. 1st Class Diana Pike. Pike’s son, Chief Petty Officer Christian Pike, of Peoria, Arizona, died in 2013 from injuries suffered in Afghanistan. “She just looked so beautiful.”

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  1. Melania was missing?

    Who the F***K cares?!

    It's YOU the Mass Media that keeps sticking this information in our faces, even if we don't want it!

    So, why don't you Mass Media just stop it!


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