Meghan Markle criticised for crossing her legs

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Since inheriting the title of Duchess following her marriage to Prince Harry last month, Meghan Markle has quickly learned the tricks when it comes to royal etiquette; from the choice of wearing neutral tones so not to outshine the Queen, to swapping her favoured cross-body bags for a customary clutch.
But for a split second last night, the new royal crossed her legs instead of her ankles.
Sounds pretty harmless, right? Well, not according to some social media users who are now accusing the Duchess of 'breaking' royal protocol.
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Last night, Meghan was seated next to Prince Harry at a star-studded reception in honour of Queen Elizabeth II's Young Leaders Awards.
As the 36-year-old royal – who wore a pink Prada dress for the occasion – sat down, she naturally crossed her legs before swiftly correcting her posture to perform what is known in royal circles as the 'duchess slant'.Surprisingly, several self-proclaimed royal commentators took to social media to pick the royal up on her 'faux-pas', with one writing: 'Harry looks scruffy, Meghan is crossing her legs...awful photo. Am I being too picky?'
Another took to the Royal Family's Facebook account to comment on footage showing Meghan's gesture, writing: 'Duchess of Sussex has her legs crossed wrong. What a disrepect to the queen. All royal ladies cross at the ankles or put both legs off to the side.'However, several of the star's fans have come to her defence to point out the ridiculousness of shaming the new royal on the dos and don'ts of royal behaviour.
One commented: 'Pretty sure the Queen is more concerned with Meghan's passion and commitment to the Commonwealth than how she crosses her legs.'
Meanwhile, another wrote on Facebook: 'Meghan can cross her legs how she likes, nothing to do with protocol, most Royals do the "Duchess slant" because they were taught that from an early age, Meghan is her own woman!'The 'duchess slant' is employed by female royal family members in order to maintain 'poise and posture', with Myka Meier, the founder of Beaumont Etiquette, previously telling Good Housekeeping: 'Typically "the duchess slant" is used when a lady has to sit for an extended amount of time while keeping poise and posture.'
The slightly slanted knees create a zig-zag effect, Meier added, which helps one protect their modesty, and makes your legs look longer.
However, the Duchess of Cambridge and the late Princess Diana have both been photographed over the years crossing their legs and practicing the "duchess slant" during royal engagements so, really, anything goes.
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The former Suits actress displayed the model 'duchess slant' during her first royal engagement with the Queen in the north west of England earlier this month.
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Instead of focussing on so-called royal protocol and Meghan's legs, how about we direct our attention towards the inspiring recipients honoured at last night's reception?

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