Trump: 'Real Americans' Should Get 'Tough' On Russia Probe

President Donald Trump attacked the credibility of special counsel Robert

President Donald Trump attacked the credibility of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation once again on Sunday, encouraging Republicans and “real Americans” to start “getting tough” on the federal probe.
In a flurry of tweets, Trump bashed the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, claiming it’s a “scam” that has cost nearly $20 million. Five days earlier, Trump tweeted it cost $10 million; the new reference may include the amount  set his own budgetaside for the probe for the 2019 fiscal year.
As he has before, Trump accused the probe’s investigators of being biased against him, claiming they were “13 Angry and Heavily Conflicted Democrats.” He failed to mention Mueller is a Republican. In another familiar pattern, his tweets fixated on Hillary Clintonand her 2016 presidential campaign associates.President Donald Trump attacked the credibility of special counsel Robert
Trump’s latest Twitter rant against the Mueller invea damning report pustigation follows blished Friday by The New York Times about Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, and his August 2016 meeting with an envoy representing the crown princes of United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The envoy offered to help the Trump presidential campaign, according to the Times.
Trump and his legal team have repeatedly called for an end to Mueller’s investigation, which entered its second year this month. Mueller was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to lead the Russia investigation after Trump fired former FBI director James Comey a year ago this month.Politics


  1. Mueler played an important role helping lie us into the Iraq war. That tells you who he works for and sold out to.

  2. Mueller delivered some of the uranium to the russians. Democrats are the seed of Satan.


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